Macaé reinforces importance of coronavirus vaccination to scare away risk of fourth wave in city – Daily Click

Macaé reinforces importance of coronavirus vaccination to scare away risk of fourth wave in city – Daily Click

While confirmed cases of coronavirus are on the rise again in various parts of the country, which is why experts and officials are even talking about the 4th wave of the pandemic, the municipality of Macaé announced a municipal vaccination campaign for the 4th dose and 2nd dose boost.

The vaccination will be intended for people over the age of 50, as well as all healthcare professionals who are 4 months old from the application of the 3rd dose, and will be available until this Friday, 10, from 8 am to 5 pm.

To receive the 4th dose, the population over 50 years of age and older must present an identification document with a photograph, CPF or Unique Health System Card (SUS) and proof of 3rd dose vaccination.

In addition to these documents, health professionals must present a copy of the class card, work card, salary or service contract with a statement of the employer’s active employment relationship with the CPF or CNPJ.

The prefecture also emphasizes that the vaccination against coronavirus in the city continues with the application of the 1st and 2nd doses for people aged 5, and the application of the 3rd dose for all people aged 12 who have already reached 4 months. administration of the 2nd dose.

According to information released by a consortium of communications companies counting confirmed cases and deaths from coronavirus, according to data from state health departments, as of Monday, 6th, there were nearly 29,000 new cases in the country in the last 24 hours. In previous years, the 7-day moving average of cases increased to 92%.

According to Fundação Oswald Cruz (Fiocruz) and other experts interviewed by the UOL portal this week, the increase in cases is worrying, posing a risk of wave 4, but they say the chance of serious cases and death should be lower than in other waves , due to the high vaccination rate in several parts of the country.

Increasing the importance of immunization, the Municipality of Macaé, in addition to coronavirus vaccines, also offers influenza vaccines and testing for suspected cases of coronavirus for people with influenza syndrome who are treated in 6 reference units in the municipality.

This Monday, the 6th, the Minister of Health, Alexandre Cruz (CITIZENSHIP), met with Assistant Secretaries for Primary Health Care, Louise Carlos Braga, and a high-ranking midfielder, Mayar Rezende, to assess new epidemiological data recorded in Macaé last week. .

According to the prefecture, the data prove the need for the population to respect the recommendation on the use of masks indoors, made on March 23, reminding that the continuous use of masks indoors and outdoors, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, immunocompromised and comorbid in all environments.

“At this time of year, when respiratory diseases are common due to conditions caused by low temperatures, the use of masks is important to reduce the circulation of these viruses. We are closely monitoring the incidence of Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and influenza cases, and the main warning to the population is to meet the vaccination schedule (two doses of CoronaVac, AstraZeneca or Pfizer, or one dose of Janssen vaccine) as soon as possible, “he warned. is Alexandre Cruz.

The municipality reminds that in Macaé the reference units for the care of patients with influenza syndrome are the Emergency Units (UPA) Barra and Lagomar, the Ambulance (PS) Parque Aeroporto and Imbetiba, the Serra Public Hospital (HPMS) and the Sana Mixed Health Unit.

According to the data of the Special Team for Coordination of Health Supervision of the Ministry of Health, these units perform an average of 200 tests, either PCR and antigens, for the diagnosis of coronavirus.

Also, according to City Hall, since the beginning of the pandemic, which confirmed the first case in Macaé on March 27, 2020, the city has already recorded 38,809 positive cases of the virus and 823 deaths caused by the corona virus.

“We do not record a high scenario in the number of positive patients on Covid-19 who progress to severe cases. We have not recorded any coronavirus deaths since March. But we are still in the phase of attention, we are evaluating all the indicators and we are preparing to define new measures that guarantee protection and full assistance to our population “, said Luiz Carlos Braga.

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