Metamersion: a dive into science and a metaverse from the Champalimaud Foundation – The site of the day

Metamersion: a dive into science and a metaverse from the Champalimaud Foundation – The site of the day

The exhibition is now over, after taking place on 27 and 28 May at Doca Pesca F, Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon. U The idea of ​​uniting Science, Technology and Art, and the use of immersive technologies, has created a fusion that has helped to blur existing boundaries, even between the real and the virtual.

The moment has been a pretext to present the new program that is being created and that links fundamental research in neuroscience to human health, since The Champalimaud Foundation believes that this is the right time to expand our knowledge to a more immediate impact.. “This program represents nothing less than the opportunity to revolutionize medicine around these same pillars, leveraging the world’s behavioral neuroscience and technology to create a new arm of medicine, complementary and integrated with the existing approach. . We aim to shape our collective future toward a longer, more resilient, and more complete way of life for all of humanity.“, as well as the details of the shared information.

Metamersion is an immersion in a new kind of fabric, which has the power to engage and stimulate our senses and thoughts, play with the rules of perception and create a new creative space where we can build infinite realities.

“Science, we seek the truth and the knowledge of the world. Art seeks the same, exploiting human creativity and ingenuity towards reflection. Selected pieces and manifestations of Metamersion offer a kind of antechamber to a world where “Arts and Science meet in research and therapy. Tools,” the organization said.

Some of the works that have been exhibited can still be viewed online, and you can see more details by clicking on the image gallery.

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Details of the Metamersion exhibition can be viewed on the Champalimaud Foundation website.

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