Metaverse: Adobe announces business tools for creating an immersive reality – Época Negócios

Metaverse: Adobe announces business tools for creating an immersive reality – Época Negócios

Adobe, (Photo: Reproduction / Adobe)

Adobe announces new tools to help companies create metaverse (Photo: Reproduction / Adobe)

While the big companies run after it innovation to try to build and replicate their products and services in the metaversu, there is also no consensus on how and for what purpose the 3D virtual universe will work. But it is already clear that the designers and professionals behind this will need tools. Hence the new strategy of the Adobe, which has announced, in its software, new features for brands and for those who build the virtual environment. The announcement was made during the Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference.

One of the novelties is the integration between the Adobe Creative Cloud (software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, among others) and u Adobe Experience Cloud (set of products and services that allow companies to manage the customer experience, with real-time data). According to the company, the integration between the two products will generate 3D content customization solutions for companies in different industries. The first planned integrations are for Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target.

“To lead in the metaverse, brands will start creating 3D, immersive content now – not only will it prepare them for the future, but it will make product design and marketing and e-commerce assets better. , faster and more affordable, “said Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Adobe Creative Cloud.

Augmented reality shopping

Later this year, the company expanded its 3D capabilities in the Substance 3D collection with a new app called Substance 3D Modeler, making the collection a professional solution for 3D visuals and experiences.

Adobe also said it will continue to integrate its 3D content, effects, and features into Creative Cloud applications, leveraging recently released integrations with Illustrator and After Effects. In addition, the company offers a tool to create augmented reality experiences, Adobe Aero.

Today, Adobe’s 3D tools are already used in immersive games, as well Fortnite, roblox, Hello and Flight simulator. They are also used to create exceptional entertainment experiences, including dune, The Mandalorian and Blade Runner 2049.

The company also previewed immersive tools, including tools that allow companies to bring e-commerce experiences to the metaverse and other virtual and digital experiences. The goal is to launch augmented reality (AR) shopping features that allow marketers to embed AR markers in digital images on their websites. Customers will be able to take a picture of a product online and automatically see its exact and appropriate size in their home – mixing the virtual and physical world.

business season he contacted Adobe’s notice to see if updates would be available to customers and users in Brazil, but had no response since the publication of this report.

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