Metaverse revolutionizes civil construction

Metaverse revolutionizes civil construction

Imagine the reaction of a person who is interested in buying a property. If she’s on the floor, she goes to the real estate agency and knows the 3D project, the cartular of presentation and all the graphic material of the company. if there is a showroom, the furnished stand, has a better dimension of how the finished property will be. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. A difficulty that is beginning to be reversed thanks to new technologies.

With the expansion of the metaverse, a virtual world that aims to replicate the physical world in a powerful way, experiences designed for civil construction take it to a new level. First of all, because it is already possible to know a property without leaving home. But technology shows even more incredible evidence of how much augmented reality can offer in terms of satisfying innovations for everyday life that we only know in the real world.

A real estate company goes far beyond the apartment. In the metaverse, it will be possible to see the facade from the front, enter the building, know the social area, the elevator, the parking lot. And this is accompanied by a real estate agent or a representative of the construction company itself to make the presentation of each space.

And why not? Through partners, such as furniture manufacturers, for example, it will be possible to reunite the property using a collection of furniture for each room. Everything to the taste of the customer! The experience of fully knowing a highly customized product, even if it’s not ready yet, is a perfectly plausible reality with the metaverse. Humanity will soon find itself in a huge The Sims, that classic computer game, much more real than you can imagine.

But it is worth noting that this new world that has been emerging in the eyes of humanity represents an important step, but it is far from the first, at least for civil construction. BIM – acronym for Modeling of building information, or Building Information Modeling, in translation – is a revolutionary system that has been applied for many years by the best engineering companies in the country. It is, for now, the most modern in the field of civil construction.

Moreover, its potential is to some extent close to what the metaverse offers, except for the need to move if we consider that not every common use has the necessary means to run BIM at home. However, the presentation to the customer allows the idea of ​​“traveling” through the company and goes beyond the limits of the company. showroomextending to all other physical dependencies of the building.

We can say that digital advances tend to transpose into the world of pixels the scope that today is a privilege only of our physical reality. There is a lot to evolve, but every day we take new opportunities to offer customers other levels of experience that promise to raise their level of demand as well. Soon, leaving home can be quite an obstacle for someone not to close a deal. Even if it is to acquire a precious and emblematic product as a property.

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