Metaverse to BBB: Understand how the technology used by PA and Arthur – Época Negócios works

Metaverse to BBB: Understand how the technology used by PA and Arthur – Época Negócios works

Detail of the virtual environment created for BBB22 (Photo: Play / YouTube)

Detail of the virtual environment created for BBB22 (Photo: Play / YouTube)

During a dynamic led by Boninho himself at BBB22, Arthur Aguiar was awarded a special prize: an experience in the metaverse. With the right to a partner, Arthur invited Paulo André to share with him the immersion in the virtual environment.

Using Meta Quest 2 virtual reality goggles, participants entered an elevator and went to the attic of a skyscraper. So PA and Arthur have completed physical challenges such as crawling, walking on the edge of the building and even destroying a super robot.

The focus on virtual experiences during the program was the opportunity to show a little bit of this universe to the general public. Since Mark Zuckerberg started transforming Facebook into Meta, the topic has become a phenomenon among businesses and has gained ground in various areas, such as fashion, education, marketing, human resources and entertainment.

But for the general public, the doubts are still many. Check out a guide below to better understand what the BBB participants ’experience was in the metaverse.

After all, what is the metaverse?

In general, experts define metaverse as the future of the internet. A universe parallel to the physical world, in which the user can create an avatar to interact with other people, also represented by avatars, in fully virtual environments.

For the metaverse to really work, we need a convergence of different technologies: virtual and augmented reality are the main ones. But you also need to think about access equipment, which should evolve from current VR glasses to lighter models with more features. Companies are also working on possibilities such as a brain implant – which eliminates the need for other equipment.

In addition to this definition, there are those who also call experiences in spaces that are not accessible only via VR or AR a metaverse. Virtual worlds like Fortnite gaming, for example, can access PCs, game consoles and even smartphones.

How do I access the metaverse?

While there isn’t a single door to access the metaverse at this point, experts suggest getting hardware to immerse yourself in the experience. This can range from Google Cardboard, which costs $ 10, to Oculus Quest 2, which costs about $ 300.

Access is through platforms that offer experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality. Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Horizon, Sandbox, Fortnite and Roblox are some of the most sought after platforms right now, as they offer a variety of experiences, from gaming to virtual workspaces to live entertainment.

Will we be living in the metaverse in a few years?

Some experts believe that thousands of people will be in the metaverse in some form by 2030. But for that, much needs to happen. Avatars need to be improved, both in appearance and in their ability to move. Virtual reality glasses need to be lighter and more affordable – something that, according to Mark Zuckerberg, could take a decade.

For now, experiences like the BBB – for entertainment – are the ones that move the metaverse the most. Projections, however, are that immersive experiences will invade all spaces, from retail to medicine, from sports to the workplace.

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