Microsoft celebrates Pride worldwide, even in the metaverse

Microsoft celebrates Pride worldwide, even in the metaverse

Lisbon, 8 June 2022 – Oh Pride at Microsoft is celebrated with and by employees around the world, for greater visibility and equality for LGBTQIA + communities – during this month and every day of the year. Microsoft releases u Microsoft unlockeda digital experience that will bring together, in the coming months, stories from LGBTQIA + communities and immersive experiences on topics related to accessibility, sustainability, culture, science and technology.

Pride knows no bounds – Event Pride in the metaverse on June 17th
From the motto “Pride has no boundaries“, Microsoft’s LGBTQIA + community is organizing, on June 17th to 6 o’clock in the evening an experimental event in the metaverse. Participants will delve into the history of Pride in a virtual world and learn more about LGBTQIA + rights from activists, gamers, and advocates for LGBTQIA + communities on Microsoft, Xbox, and organizations such as the International Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans and Intersex (ILGA). ) and OutRight Action International. Learn more at

Pride 2022 in Portugal
With diversity and inclusion as one of the pillars of its culture, Microsoft develops and promotes internal employee groups, with an impact at the local, regional, and global levels. To give voice to LGBTQIA + communities, in 1993 he created the Global LGBTQIA + Employee and Allies in Microsoft Employee Resource Group (GLEAM), and in 2018, the community began operations in Portugal. Currently, the group has 120 members and since its founding, it has grown by the year 75% in number of participants.

In 2019, Microsoft participated, for the first time, in Pride Parade, in Lisbon, through GLEAM, with 60 employees and their families. In 2020, it organized the first Pride virtual event in the world, with the support of 137 Microsoft volunteer employees in Portugal. Last year, Microsoft also held a digital event and, based on the motto “Together, we can”, gave voice to the stories of Portuguese employees, members of GLEAM, who show how they live diversity and inclusion in the company culture.

The most global Microsoft Pride ever
Pride at Microsoft focuses on the intersection of LGBTQIA + movements across race, ethnicity, and geography, highlighting the challenges communities face and calling for a concerted global response. To mark this year’s campaign, Microsoft will make a donation $ 170,000 LGBTQIA + nonprofits OutRight Action International, African Rainbow Family, National Center for Transgender Equality, Mermaids, Lavender Rights Project and Fulcrum UA. To this action are added eight million dollars donated by Microsoft, along with its partners, since last year.

Microsoft operates in more than 120 countries, many of which do not provide legal protection for LGBTQIA + communities and even restrict their identities. In choosing this year’s Pride focus, GLEAM members reflected on the intersection of LGBTQIA + communities, focusing on the stories of LGBTQIA + Blacks and African Americans, Asians, Indigenous, Hispanic and Latino LGBTQIA + highlighting the interconnected nature of today’s global challenges.

In order Sergio Matos, GLEAM Lead in Microsoft Portugal: “The issues of diversity and inclusion are complex and have different speeds, both in terms of gender representation, sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic background, skills and prospects. But no city is too small or no country is too far away to celebrate So we invite everyone to join this year’s Microsoft Pride celebrations in the metaverse, reinforcing our global commitment to LGBTQIA + rights. ”

Gives voice to more than 30 LGBTQIA + communities
Last year, GLEAM raised more than a dozen community flags to guide the recognition of various LGBTQIA + communities. This year, it nearly doubled the number of communities represented in the Microsoft campaign, with 33 LGBTQIA + flags, an Allied flag is a Polyamory flag.

Microsoft’s most inclusive Pride collection
Since 2018, Microsoft has introduced Pride products to its offerings, celebrating and giving visibility to the intersection and strength of LGBTQIA + communities. This year, GLEAM members have been working with teams at Microsoft to release the most inclusive collection in the history of Microsoft:

  • Xbox – Explore curated games, community stories, nonprofit partners and more – all created by and with LGBTQIA + communities.
  • Xbox Design Lab Pride Controller – Customize your Xbox Wireless Controller with Xbox Design Lab with the new Pride design. Available June 9 in all Xbox Design Lab markets.
  • Xbox Gear – “Wear” Pride with limited edition t-shirts, bags and more.
  • Xbox Games – Celebrate Pride with the creators of LGBTQIA + on Xbox.
  • Microsoft Store – Explore collections of games and movies curated by LGBTQIA + communities at Microsoft.
  • Windows – New Windows wallpapers inspired by the flags of LGBTQIA + communities.
  • Microsoft 365 – Celebrate Pride in Microsoft 365 apps with special themes inspired by the flags of LGBTQIA + communities.
  • Microsoft Teams – More than 50 new virtual wallpapers for Pride.
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps – Use the “Show your Pride” theme in Microsoft Teams apps.
  • Outlook Mobile – Embrace Pride in Outlook Mobile with themes inspired by the Pride, Trans, Lesbian, Bisexual and Nonbinary flags.
  • Skype – Celebrate Pride with virtual backgrounds and scenes inspired by LGBTQIA + flags.
  • Microsoft Rewards – Join Microsoft Rewards to support OutRight Action International through a Microsoft Bing search.
  • Bing – Explore the stories of people who have contributed to their continued progress toward LGBTQIA + equality.
  • Microsoft Unlocked – Explore the Pride edition of our new one hub for immersive stories from LGBTQIA + communities and beyond.
  • Microsoft Design – Discover the stories of the designers behind the Pride collection
  • Microsoft Life – Explore the stories of Microsoft contributors from around the world.

Microsoft has consistently supported LGBTQIA + communities since 1989, the year it was one of the first companies to introduce sexual orientation into its non-discrimination policies. Microsoft has publicly advocated for marriage equality even before it became legal in the United States – and continues to support all types of families. In addition, Microsoft has earned a score of 100 on the Human Rights Foundation’s Business Equality Index for 17 years.

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Watch the video of the Microsoft Western Europe Pride campaign here.

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