Most combined game in history: lost 59-1 and scored 41 own goals – Internacional

Most combined game in history: lost 59-1 and scored 41 own goals – Internacional

South African football was shaken last week by a scandal that promised to bring more results than is already known. Two teams in the fourth division (the State ABC Motsepe League) have already been banned once, and several officials and referees have been suspended for five to ten seasons. The whole story is practically surreal … but it really happened! It all happened at the end of May, on the last day of the match, when Matiyasi FC and Shivulani Dangerous Tigers entered the field with chances to become champions and advance to the division. Therefore, the last round was decisive and the goals scored could make a difference. What’s wrong here? The results, at least, were dubious. Shivulani Dangerous Tigers defeated Kotoko Happy Boys 33-1 – with seven own goals – and Matiyasi took advantage of this original 41-goal festival to beat Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1 … goal – even the player who scored an own goal in the second half was expelled from the field in the first half … That is, there was nothing suspicious! Authorities then decided to investigate, and the results of the investigation became clear and resulted in sanctions. Matiyasi FC officials, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers and Nsami Mighty Birds were banned from football for five to eight years, and the referees ended up with ten years of sanctions. So why these sanctions? Vincent Ramfago, president of the Mopani Football Federation, explained everything to BBC Sport Africa.

“Our investigation showed that Matiyasi and Nsami did not want Shivulani to finish first in the league, so they agreed to combine the results to prevent this from happening. These players said they were tired. Their teams were left with seven players. In the game of Matthias, the referee showed several red cards, which resulted in Nsami. Seven players, “Ramfago explained.

And if the sheets of cards were surprised, when the authorities saw the result and the markers … something was wrong. “During the investigation, we saw that some of Matthias’ goals weren’t even recorded correctly because he didn’t know how to comment on everything in the referee’s report. In some cases, he simply wrote, ‘Player 2 scored 10 goals, scored 5 goals.’ In relation, how did you place them? ” he asked, and in this statement the judge also said that it was in accordance with the scheme.

Therefore, like the players of the teams involved, they were punished. One thing is already guaranteed, the results have been annulled and Gawula Classic, which finished fourth in the division championship. The reason for this was that the first three teams in the table were involved in this plot (Kotoko Happy Boys were the only ones from that area) and were immediately removed from the possibility of climbing.


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