NFT buyers receive collector’s items from Exu da Grande Rio

NFT buyers receive collector’s items from Exu da Grande Rio

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Fabricio Villa Flore de Carvalho, a fan of the Rio Samba School in Grande, had an unforgettable day at Ciadade do Samba. The buyer of the legendary NFT (non-fungible token) created by IDG – a platform for the development and commercialization of NFTs – in partnership with the association, owned a Karioka digital product and a memento, an original 2022 used in the Sambour school in Toubro: An original flag. As a bonus, he even won a meeting with Demerson D’Alvaro, who expressed the plot’s Exu, orixá theme at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Champion School Parade.

The “Legendary” category sold for NFT $ 1,000, or about R $ 5,000. Memories and experiences related to digital collections have served as a way to add more value to tokens.

In the first quarter of 2022, the non-fungible token market has moved closer to US $ 12 billion, according to a DAP radar report, and the growth of aspects of Brazilian culture is becoming increasingly apparent.

Grande Rio follows the evolution of the market and has launched an unprecedented collection of collectible cards in partnership with IDG, a company that already has a global NFT portfolio of sports and entertainment fans. The collection includes exclusive cards that showcase the unique moments of the 2022 Carnival Winners Parade at the Rio de Janeiro Special Group.

Carvalho, 47, described the purchase process and said at the moment of receiving the piece: “J.I was already looking at the market for digital assets and I realized that Grande would be quite influential about the Rio Front Commission, considering everything that was presented for the parade, the way the actor was presented. And it was a huge coincidence, I commented to a friend about digital resources and when I got home I went to look for something in that sense, and when I played in the Rio search at the NFT Grand, it appeared. I saw that it was a unique item and I didn’t think twice, I bought it. I was born and raised in Duke de Caxius, I was born in 1974 and Grande Rio in 1988. My dad was virtually one of the founders of the school with the Suarez family, so it’s a family connection. When I think of Samba School NFT, I think of Grande Rio, and when I look around and see that there was one, a unique and legendary article, it was something that cannot be explained.

The participation of the actor who was paraded in Rio at the Exu Incognito Grande was a surprise for the collector. “It is an honor for me to be immortalized in an NFT, just as it is an honor to parade representing Exu through Grande Rio and to win this unprecedented championship for the school. After the parade, the school informed me about this NFT action, I did a little more research on the subject. I can say that I’m still a kid, but I’m getting more and more information, “Demerson D’Alvaro insisted.

For IDG CEO Silmara Multini, who was present at the meeting, this digital collectible purchase is an important step in integrating Brazil’s NFT culture: Opens. We did our best to diversify the culture of the NFT and immortalizing this moment in Greater Rio was a great milestone. The NFT market is global, people are moving away from buying physical items and buying digital, and the collectible industry is on that path. “

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Orixa digital token, sold for এক 1,000

Mangueira also enters the universe of NFTs

Manguira announced that Schweil had resigned as Georgia flag bearer, after shining as the great guardian of the school pavilion on Avenue for the Eighth Carnival. And her last participation in the green-and-pink fashion show has also been immortalized in NFT, recently launched by IDG, a platform specialized in digital collections. A member of Verde-i-Rosa, granddaughter of Xangô da Mangueira and niece of Matheus Olivério, who has accompanied him in recent years, Squel said his daughter’s dream of becoming a “favorite school” flag bearer was a dream come true. It’s a pleasure to think that the film will become immortal in NFT. “

Celia Dominguez, the school’s commercial director, commented: “The Manguis like to combine tradition and modernity. The school has an NFT to prove it. “Associated with the NFT is a memento that brings to the Scully and Matthews couple a heart-wrenching love for the carnival: the flag that Manguira used at the 1998 Champions Parade, when Chico Buark was the school plot theme!

“It’s our difference: artistic NFT, with mementos. IDG is honored to offer this historic piece. We look forward to seeing who will be lucky enough to take home the NFT legend and the flag! ” IDG CEO Silmara Multini said


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