NFT Music, Web3 News: অ Spinin ‘+ Taisto • Tapeheads • A Kyle Apulus MFT Update In Praise Of Water And Music

NFT Music, Web3 News: অ Spinin ‘+ Taisto • Tapeheads • A Kyle Apulus MFT Update In Praise Of Water And Music

The diversity and depth of the work that Water and Music DAO Continuing to wonder. Cherry Hu is an impressive face of the organization, but there are dozens of other active members who are digging deeper into how NFTs, DOAs, metaverses and web3 are all reshaping the music industry.

Water and music The only group I know that is constantly working hard and time consuming in-depth interviews, surveys and much more to understand why not only what should be focused on.

If you do not have both Signed up for their free newsletter and started supporting them as a paid memberHen you are basically saying that you are joining the web 3 music revolution blindfolded and wearing earplugs.

Tiesto + Spinnin ‘Records

In a recent example of an NFT-A-Fan Club, Spinin Records launched DJ Tiesto’s first NFT project, and the $ 100 animated GIF NFT sold out immediately.

Each includes VIP benefits, including instant access to unpublished Tiësto music and many more future goodies.

Tapeheads, Vinylheads and Disheads NFT

TapeHeads is building a community of 10,000 music fans who collect cassette tapes

Holders of the TapeHead token can offer an initial offer of 0.03 ETH (57.00) to “establish a music metaver, a virtual-reality world, with their unique tapehead.”

The first 2500 token holders will also receive a limited-edition tapeheads incarnation for Sandbox Metavers.

Protoheads Create three separate NFT collections: Tapeheads, vinylheads and discheads Everyone has their own set of special benefits. VinylHeads and DiscHeads will also have a limited number of tokens.

KYLE + Opulous MFT

Sales of the KYLE and Opulous full album MFT (Music Fangible Token) have reached its first target of $ 150,000 since it went live last week.

Fans will own one of the first full-album MFTs, which is a SEC companion. With a minimum investment of $ 200, MFT currently raises about $ 165,000 from 300 fans / investors.

Opulous’s previous MFT drops, featuring Lil Pump and Ard Adz artist, both sold out within hours of going live.

Following its release, KYLE’s It’s Not So Bad topped the first Spotify chart of the top 10 albums in its first week with over 7 million streams. Since It’s Not So Bad has already been released, investors will immediately start earning a portion of the album’s music royalty earnings with KYLE, whenever any of its songs are played on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tik Tok.

“I wanted to release a complete MFT album with Opulous so that my fans and I could move closer to the model of success as a unit, redefining success together,” explains KYLE. “It’s a precious thing to share this experience with fans and even with friends and family. I don’t think we’ll be able to match the feeling as we cross the finish line together.”

Bruce Houghton He is the founder and editor of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank, and a senior consultant at Bandsintown, which both publications acquired in 2019. He is the founder and president of the Skyline Artists Agency and a professor at Berkeley College of Music.

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