Overwatch 2: On the Creation of the New Junker Queen Tank

Overwatch 2: On the Creation of the New Junker Queen Tank

Soon we can play Overwatch 2, which will happen on October 4th with the release of the PvP mode! Among the many news, such as the new free-to-play format, we were also introduced to the game’s newest heroine, Junker Queen.

Inspired by this, Blizzard invited us to a press conference with Game Art Director Kacey Helms, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman, Lead Narrative Designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, and we had the opportunity to speak directly to the trio. Before that, we also interviewed director Aaron Keller:

What was your main inspiration for creating Junker Queen? How did she get into the game, can you share some interesting facts and behind-the-scenes stories?

Kacey Helms: The team worked really hard trying to nail down Junker Queen’s Aussie punk aesthetic that runs through their playstyle, art, and even the music you hear in the movie! Overall, the most important thing is that she looks real. But as far as art goes, it feels like a natural progression of what we already did with Junkrat and Roadhog in the Badlands.

We already teased her on the posters, and when we finally decided it was time for her to debut, once she decided on her playstyle, we started working on various 2D versions and motion concepts to see. Your style is in action, both passive and active, even at Ult.

Then we have to think about how she fits in with the other heroes, she needs to be very well-defined so that when she shows up right away, you already know who she is. From an aesthetic point of view, she is 2.13 meters tall, very tall and mighty, amazing! She’s cool and loves to “arrive” and fix all issues right away. Even her clothes were torn because she didn’t care much about her appearance.

Even as far as his weapons are concerned, you can see that they are assembled from scrap metal. I love everything about it, from the animation to the lines! The animation alone shows how tough her attitude is! One of the coolest things is that the logo on your shirt refers to Queensland Australia, so I hope people think that’s cool.

She even named her knife, Gracie! Not many people are willing to name their weapons, which also shows her personality. For inspiration, she draws from the well of many powerful women. A big inspiration is definitely Furiosa from the last movie Mad Max, who is an amazing character. From an artistic point of view, I think she’s cool and she’s happy with the result!

Geoff Goodman: In terms of gameplay, it’s kind of interesting because we’ve made heroes in different environments and purposes, and Queen is really cool because she doesn’t appear as a playable hero, but as part of the Junkertown story. But all of us here are also fans of this game, so when there is a chance to take it a step further and throw it into the game. A lot of people support it, and so do we (laughs).

So the question has been more about when we’ll put it in Overwatchless about if We’ll put it in the game. This happens sometimes with some heroes, for example, Ashe has had it, and then it becomes a matter of finding the right moment for her arrival.Perfect for the queen Overwatch 2 And as our design philosophy changed to make the tank more aggressive…or in her case more aggressive (laughs).

Since she was the first heroine we designed, she ended up being a model. Who knows, maybe she’ll be very different in the first game? But there are elements that help us think, like in Doomfist’s case, you look at him and immediately think he must be able to throw a huge fist, and in the Queen’s case, we have her illustrations and designs , with a tough axe, so obviously it has to be used a lot in gameplay.

When we release a hero, the most we want is for you to feel like you’re playing a role, not a class. A guy who fights based on who he is and not on the expectations of the character, he has a personality. So the Queen’s skill pack needs to be rotated to help you get close to enemies and ascend, and even create an aura of fear around them.

A development curiosity was that we started to feel insecure about the axe being his only accessory, so at one point we gave him magnetic gloves. She can then throw the axe and pull back from a distance, which is fun, but a little weird at times, since she doesn’t have anything to hit anyone in the meantime. That’s where we make her Gracie knife, and that’s what she can throw, which ultimately makes sense because the character usually has an arsenal, weapons, and backup plans.

Is it too early to talk about a new map of Rio de Janeiro? How does it perform in the new scene?

Kacey Helms: We can’t reveal too much yet, because we want to make a lot of noise around this map at the right time, but what I can say is that we have people from Brazil on our team, these RJ people who help us discover what layman might be Didn’t realize the little details, but if you’re from the area, you’re going fishing, so you’ll have lots of little Easter eggs!

The other thing we do is sound, because we send people out to each region to record, which helps bring in more authenticity. So you can be sure that locals and other developers alike love this map and are excited to show it off!

Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie: I love the way our team managed to piece the map together and the level of attention to every little detail from the audio to the art, the stories you can find, the Easter eggs… I can’t say more than that Quick, but I’m happy with how everything turned out!

Jeff Goodman: Some references are so good and so hidden that I didn’t discover them until I read them on the internet a long time later! (laugh)

Is Queen Junker a role for beginners or more for veterans? Can you share some gaming tips?

Geoff Goodman: I don’t think Queen is that complicated to play! It’s gameplay of course has a lot of nuances, but even without a high level of skill, I’m sure you can have fun and feel very powerful right away. For example, a deeper point is choosing the right shot timing and pulling the knife back.

It also has a nice learning curve for knowing when to be more aggressive, as well as finding alternatives when you’re a little too involved in combat. Overall, I think she’s in a good position in terms of skill level, but also has a large and beneficial ceiling.

I think a good combination to play with her is to have the team play together on the ground and maybe Lucio will pick up the pace and then snowball in a stressful situation. For example, you can even be countered by Mei’s barrier, but the Empress is definitely a more horizontal tank than a vertical tank, and applying pressure is a great way to win.

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