P2E ‘App Store’: G-Link Bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

P2E ‘App Store’: G-Link Bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Featuring a diverse, fun blockchain game, G-Link Web 2.0 provides a user-friendly experience for gamers to set foot on Web 3.0 and participate in an ecosystem that connects gamers, game developers and investors.

Revealing the potential of GameFi

Traditional gaming is a large but plateau industry plagued by legacy problems – in contrast, blockchain gaming is a sunrise industry with potential for index growth. The revenue of the traditional gaming industry was US $ 178.37 billion in 2021, which increased from US $ 155 billion in 2020, representing only 15.1% growth per year. In comparison, blockchain gaming grew its revenue from about 1 321 million for 2020 to 32 2.32 billion in the 2021 quarter, representing a much higher 722.7% growth year-over-year.

This means that the market size of P2E gaming was about 1.3% of traditional gaming in 2021, with the potential for greater market share.

Best choice for finding and creating new P2E games

G-Link’s mobile blockchain gaming platform is designed for a comprehensive ‘app store’ and more, creating new touchpoints for key stakeholders, such as gamers, game developers and investors. In addition, G-Link Web 3.0 makes it easy for beginners to start playing blockchain games, requiring only a familiar account registration to get started.

G-Link features 4 casual to mid-core P2E mobile games for release in 2022, including racetrack game cartopia, strategy-based collectible card game card master, simulation kingdom-building game SPE Colony and arcade-style coin phishing frenzy. Also, more than 10 developers are discussing adding different types of games to the platform. The wide range of gamers often caters to mobile gamers’ preferences to explore new games.

Extensive platforms include features designed to address the most common and fundamental problems of Web 3.0 gaming. In particular, the GLINK platform token enables higher throughput and lower gas fees, an important infrastructure for improving the element of interactivity in gameplay mechanics. GLINK also provides cross-chain and cross-game liquidity, as gamers can easily switch between games and securely exchange assets. Meanwhile, GameFi Incubator and NFT Marketplace support small game developers with funding and resources, thereby encouraging open innovation.

Investors can get passive returns from the Sunrise blockchain gaming industry without being a gamer themselves through the various ways of G-Link’s platform. These include G-Link’s Chief Todd NFTs, GLINK tokens, stacking, virtual homeownership and supporting projects through incubators. GLINK holders can earn up to 1.8-200% APR with 3 different term locked stacking, or maintain liquidity with flexible stacking options to earn up to 1-2.8% APR.

Guild Leader Chief Todd: G-Link’s Genesis NFT

G-Link, Chief Todd’s Genesis NFT Collection will offer owners VIP subscriptions on G-Link’s Gamevers platform. Being a GameFi NFT, Chief Todd’s utilities include higher in-game revenue, exclusive guild-creation in gamevers, and priority access to beta games and sales of Metaland.

To take advantage of G-Link’s platform, gamers should have their own Chief Todd NFT Mint. Mining for the Chief Todd NFT Collection will be from 5-7 July 2022 at a price of 0.08-0.1ETH and with a total of 10,000 supplies.

For details of the Chief Todd NFT Mint visit the official website: https://www.chieftoad.com/

Strengthening the Ecosystem: GLINK Token IDO

The initial Dex Offer (IDO) for G-Link’s GLINK token platform will be held in August 2022. Using the ERC-20 standard, the total supply of GLINK tokens will be 1 billion tokens.

The GLINK token powers every transaction on G-Link’s GameFi platform:

  1. GSwap – trade seamlessly between currencies in the game
  2. Provide your dream game back seed investment
  3. DAO Right to vote
  4. Staking in the liquid pool
  5. Purchase of in-game assets, NFT and virtual land

Holders of Chief Todd NFT will enjoy a high percentage of airdrop and guaranteed whitelist spots for pre-sale of GLINK tokens.

For updates and announcements about GLINK IDO: https://t.me/glinkgroup

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