Phillies Fire Manager Joe Girardi, but their flaws are deeper

Phillies Fire Manager Joe Girardi, but their flaws are deeper

For Philadelphia fans who are disappointed with the 76ers who have been following the NBA failure for years with only silent success, the Phillies have a message: Catch Yuengling.

It was supposed to take time at Citizens Bank Park, but on Friday the Phillies admitted to the disaster of the seasons and fired manager Joe Girardi. The 76ers never go very far in the NBA postseason, but at least they get there. The Phillies are heading into their 11th consecutive season without making the playoffs, with just one win record.

It was last season and he barely qualified in 82-80. The team’s owner, John Middleton, re-invested in the list by signing Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, and surpassed the league’s luxury tax threshold, earning the club’s fourth highest salary of $ 228.7 million.

The Phillies were 22-29 when baseball operations president Dave Dombrowski fired Girardi on Friday morning. Even the interstate Pittsburgh Pirates, which sank in a long-term reconstruction project with a meager salary of $ 55.7 million, had a better record.

“I think we’re better than we played,” Dombrowski told a news conference in Philadelphia. “But the most important part for me is if we want to change that, and I think we still have the opportunity to do that – I think we need a different voice in the clubhouse.”

The Phillies have appointed Girardi’s bench coach Rob Thomson as the team’s interim manager for the rest of the season. Thomson, like Girardi, has deep roots in the Yankees organization and was part of the squad that defeated the Phillies in the 2009 World Series. He will be the Phillies’ sixth manager in the National League during the longest post-season drought.

“There are a number of reasons why we didn’t win,” Girardi said in a weekly segment on MLB Network Radio on Friday. “We’ve given a lot of extra games, which will probably cost us four or five games, maybe more. Sometimes our oxen struggled; We had some boys who I think have better things than their potential. Some of the children started the attack slowly.

“It simply came to our notice then. But I think sometimes you can handle one thing, maybe two. But sometimes it’s even harder when it’s more than that. “

It is a definite expression. According to Sports Info Solutions, through 50 games, the Phillies finished last in the saved defensive run. As of Thursday, their rescuers had 93 walks in 180 shots, compared to 73 walks in 273 shots for the start. And only one daily player, Bryce Harper, had a key percentage of .325 or better.

The Phillies knew they would not have a strong defense, but hoped that a courageous attack could hide this shortcoming. When they signed fast-paced players Castellanos (five years, $ 100 million) and Schwarber (four years, $ 79 million), they hoped to use the designated hit point to keep one or the other off the field in most games.

But Harper’s garden rupture in his right elbow forced him to become a full-time DH, and Castellanos and Schwarber didn’t hit much to help. Several returning position players – Alec Bohm, Odubel Herrera, Rhys Hoskins, JT Realmuto – were mid-level at best.

“I am responsible when the club plays like this; We all have a responsibility, “said Dombrowski.” I think the players have a responsibility. I know they don’t like what happened. I think we are a better club. “

They should be, at least. When the core of the 2008 championship team collapsed, the Phillies planned to follow a modern plan to build a winner: They would endure several difficult years and build a dynamic farming system, then promote the best prospects and complete them with high-profile stars.

Along the way, they fired general manager Matt Klentak and his hired manager, Gabe Kapleri, and replaced them with Dombrowski and Girardi, both well-known champions. They reassured employers; winning earlier, the thought is gone, they will know how to do it again.

But Phillies’ flaws went deep. They selected the top 10 in five consecutive drafts from 2014 to 2018, and found only one player, starter Aaron Nolan, who made a big impact. Launched in December 2020, Dombrowski overhauled the team’s player development staff in September last year.

Harper and startup Zack Wheeler were wise investments, and Realmuto – acquired from Miami in trade, then signed a long-term contract – made two All-Star teams for the Phillies. But without the cheap, young players that would improve over time, the Phillies were forced to continue to import expensive veterans.

This is often a dubious strategy, as many players who have enough service time to earn high salaries often reach the top. Girardi’s Yankees can beat old teams as they did in 2009. But the list was full of players worthy of the Hall of Fame; the Phillies list is weaker.

Girardi, then, could only do so much. His Yankees teams have won more than 200 losses overall – 910-710. However, Girardi’s three Phillies teams of 132-141 went on a stressful and unfulfilled stay on a demanding sports campus. As Girardi picked up his office late Friday morning, Dombrowski said Middleton and others felt a change in his mood.

“In the end, I would say he was more comfortable,” Dombrowski said. “The pressure came out of his back.”

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