Polio: Knowing how to reflect – BCN Portal

Polio: Knowing how to reflect – BCN Portal

Author: Áurea Vasconcelos

Being a Rotarian means living the dream of idealism and solidarity, practicing the exercises of humanity, trying to offer water to the thirsty, food to the hungry and warmth to those who are cold …

Being a Rotarian means valuing relationships in their diversity, praising, respecting and encouraging community work through leadership practice … Always shine to reap in the future!

Being a Rotarian means keeping alive the star of dynamism and enthusiasm, working to provide better living conditions for those who are forgotten and marginalized by them…

To this end, ROTARY CLUB BARBACENA writes its history, serving the local community in its most urgent needs, from health requirements to education issues, creating and maintaining schools in peripheral areas.

All this, always in connection with Rotary commitments that come from national and international frameworks.

In this macro universe, due to its size, one of the most fruitful and probably the most deserving moments of this trajectory was the one in which routes changed and lives were transformed, thanks to Rotarian Albert Sabin, a scientist and researcher.

Noticing a visible increase in polio cases at the time, he began searching for a vaccine that could prevent or alleviate this horrific infectious, paralyzing, and potentially deadly disease. It has become necessary to “drive evil into the root”.

Thus, in 1986, after undergoing the tests necessary for its approval, Sabin vaccine began to be administered orally, preferably in children up to 5 years of age, preventing infection. Thanks to her, the disease was eliminated in almost everyone (99.9%). There is still Afghanistan and Pakistan up to 100%.

Obviously this is not an easy path. Success that depended on a long time, on unforeseen financial costs, on the availability and efficiency of volunteers and, above all, on over-commitment. But it was worth it! Millions of people are not paralyzed and live with dignity. Since 1988, nearly three billion children have been immunized.

This story, although concisely told, seeks to show the valuable and dignified work of the ROTARY CLUB in this area of ​​children’s health, as well as to warn everyone, parents and guardians, to take care of vaccination against polio. .

It is necessary for our children to be vaccinated so that we do not allow this disease to return. As a result, Rotary health authorities are keeping an eye out for places where vaccination is declining. And together they are trying to change this scenario. Health is the greatest good that is given to people in order to have a dignified life, let’s cooperate and protect it. And, above all, maintain the Rotary spirit, striving to enable a better world.

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