Review: Auto Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2

Review: Auto Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2

developer: Ultimate Game
platform: Nintendo Switch
release date: April 15, 2022

We are in the age of simulators, and there are simulators for almost everything these days, from simulating bees, truck drivers, home decorators, and more.emulators such as Auto Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2 Probably the ones that have been around for years, I remember well, there were car mechanic simulators in the 90’s where we bought parts and used cars and then repaired them and built incredible machines full of power and speed.

The reason this type of simulator has existed for so many years is that the video game industry realized early on that cars are the passion of most gamers, and these simulators always get everyone’s “art” and “mechanics” out of the way A mess.This ultimate game Several emulators of this type have been released for all platforms, and the Nintendo Switch is one of the platforms that has received several of them, and now also receives Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2.

I must start by admitting that I have zero knowledge of auto mechanics, although I love driving and I find different models of cars interesting. Mechanics have never been something that fascinates me, so when I started the game, I was glad to know that there was a tutorial that supposedly explained things. This tutorial tries to take us through our garage, where he explains the various things we have in the garage, and ends with a test drive of the car we had there. I must admit, I was looking forward to a more evolved tutorial with more explanation as it often leads to the player getting lost in what he has to do. For example, in order to refuel the car and start a test drive, I spent a lot of time looking for oil in the garage. At that time, I just had to go to the car and open the oil cap, and the oil appeared automatically.

At the end of the tutorial, we start with some car scheduling requests. We can only choose one at a time, or at least it seems to me because everything is confusing and poorly explained. When we started to understand how things worked, we even realized that the game was very complete and had really good details. At this time, I even noticed a lot of players’ interest in auto mechanics simulators, but I would say that the most critical point is the lack of information to guide players.

I would even go a step further, the game on my Nintendo Switch probably wouldn’t have lasted more than 20m if it wasn’t for analyzing the game because the time I wasted trying to understand how things were done was just hopeless when one explained all A good tutorial for game ideas saves me from wasting time in the garage and options that I can’t find anywhere.

But like I said, if it all sucks before you understand things, the truth is, after we start to understand how to find the options we need, everything starts to get more interesting, we start to see the difference in the options we have Huge. Even scary how many parts we can buy from external parts, internal parts, engine parts, etc. There are over 1000 pieces just to give you an idea.

Existing cars are also varied and we even have the option to paint them. Obviously, they’ll only do this to cars they buy and try to fix for sale, because at first, since their starting price is only $4000, they’ll have to do the usual mechanic service, as well as accept requests for car repairs, and start with Fix them at the lowest possible cost and thus the highest possible profit. This one is interesting to start with because there are some differences in the type of arrangements they have to make.

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With these arrangements came the money, more challenges started, more cars needed repairs, so having a bigger garage became a priority to be able to accept more requests. Your garage can be improved to accommodate more cars. Cars can be bought at the dealership, but mostly at auctions where we get ‘fights’ with other potential buyers, however, buying used cars is often tempting to spend half a dozen pennies on them and get them after a few bucks Fix it, verify it’s worth three or four times what we bought it for.

It’s also interesting that they can have parking lots to store the cars they buy. And to see how they got rich, they could even have multi-storey car parks when they were king of machines.

It is even possible to drive the car on some tracks, you have to perform some goals to check if the car is in good condition. Don’t expect incredible gameplay here because it isn’t, but it’s always nice to experience driving something we own, or many times, because the car is so old we feel like we’ve recreated it.

Graphically interesting, there are details of “entering pawns”, for example in the engine we press the engine and the game zooms in to see where we are moving in order to know exactly which pawn we need to remove or fix. The painting is also fun, and players can rip out doors, windows, hoods, and more. Don’t expect anything realistic, those drool-worthy graphics, but for the game it’s supposed to be, it’s pretty competent. The sound level leaves a lot to be desired, with a very basic sound and a mediocre soundtrack.

Auto Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition 2 is a mechanic simulator that will entertain lovers of this type of simulator. Players who don’t like this type of game don’t even recommend trying this game because the tutorial fails a lot and can lead to frustration.