RIDDLE & CODE is partnering with Inflex Technology to develop the next generation of Drive & Stack stacks.

RIDDLE & CODE is partnering with Inflex Technology to develop the next generation of Drive & Stack stacks.

Vienna – (Business Wire) – Influx Technology is partnering with LTD to develop the next generation of RIDDLE & CODE’s drive and stack stack. This collaboration focuses on the further evolution of drive and stack hardware to transform vehicles into autonomous agents in a new era of mobility.

RIDDLE & CODE is working with RIDDLE & CODE to create a powerful and flexible toolchain for real equipment manufacturers (OEM) developers in place of automated ACES (automated, connected, electrical and shared) to prototype peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based solutions. . .

With three decades of experience and expertise in developing business-to-business (B2B) automated embedded systems and deep-in-vehicle communication protocols, Inflex Technology will help RIDDLE & CODE create the next generation of drive and stack hardware.

The goal is to create a toolchain that reduces complexity and simplifies testing, ensuring vehicle safety and security as well as enabling a more significant focus on value-added business models, “said Steve Rathram, Senior R&D Engineer at Automotive MBA at RIDDLE & CODE.

Combining Influx’s automotive industry experience and RIDDLE & CODE’s Industrial Web3.0 Vision, “said Min Cao, Director of Mobility at RIDDLE & CODE.The consortium engineers’ industry-grade hardware is integrated into a banking-grade Distributed Laser Technology (DLT) infrastructure that ultimately transforms any vehicle into an autonomous economic agent and its driver data entrepreneur. ”

About the Drive and Steak Consortium

The Drive & Stake Consortium continues to realize its goal of creating decentralized and secure technology with a focus on blockchain and cryptography. The D&S stack contains reference hardware that integrates vehicle embedded system data with a secure Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E) data and token management system.

In addition to the new hardware, the Drive and Stack Consortium will lead to the following:

  • Development of new data economy and vehicle life cycle revenue stream

  • Creating a secure source of reliable information

  • Development of collaborative and decentralized data-driven business models

  • Sharing data and relevant information among competitors without disclosing industry secrets

  • Benefit from network growth through a token-economic business model that manages and enhances the network using incentives

  • Gain access to the backend technology stack required to enable rollout of all business processes in a regulatory loyal way on the platform

About RIDDLE and code

RIDDLE & CODE is Europe’s leading company in blockchain interface solutions. The company builds hardware and software stacks that combine blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) with smart card security. With its first tier clients and partners, including Daimler Mobility, BMW, Wien Energie and the leading Dutch crypto exchange LiteBit, RIDDLE & CODE brings new business models to the fintech, power, mobility and materials industries.

More info: www.riddleandcode.com

About inflex technology

INFLUX TECHNOLOGY is a leading global name in vehicle can bus data logging that provides innovative engineering solutions. Our global teams are dedicated to designing modular and flexible solutions built to a high standard with intuitive, after-sales quality support for use.

More info: www.influxtechnology.com

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