Roger Schmidt brings his hands to Weigl to reformat him

Roger Schmidt brings his hands to Weigl to reformat him

If he stays in Luz, as his transfer is no exception at this stage, the midfielder will be looking to move forward, as revealed by O JOGO Rui Mota, a former assistant coach. The German coach intends to give the number 28 new skills to adapt him to the strategy of the Eagles game system. The idea is to give you “more vertigo and risk”

Julian Weigl may need to be “reformatted” in his style of play and even his position on the field to fully fit Roger Schmidt’s dreams of a defensive midfield. Even without possible talks about the club’s 28th place off the table, as long as it guarantees Benfica a £ 20m deal with Dortmund in the 2019/20 season, Weigel could have a second term with the new coach.

The features presented at Benfica revealed a much more defensive midfielder that Schmidt wants to see at his base: the German coach hopes that the athlete in this position in front of the central defenders will also play a more important role in the construction of the field. play, mainly in the longer position of putting the ball and burning lines in the middle of the attack. Now and from what he has shown in the past in Dortmund, Weigel could do the same in Luz, but it will take a new coach of the Eagles to do the job if Benfica is not offended. an irresistible offer. The work that Schmidt has done in the past has already been accomplished, as Rui Mota, his assistant in China, tells O JOGO.

“In Beijing Guoan we had a player like him, Piao Cheng, more defense, who was also not very good with the ball and Roger made him more of an 8 to 8. He was more defensive and had more problems in construction. sports and in the air game In this case it would be an idea to put him [a Weigl] in terms of building and connecting with the team. This gives him more spin and more risk, as Weigl tends to have shorter passages and more sidewalks, ”notes Rui Mota, noting that“ the transformation could make Weigl stronger in the first phase of construction and higher in the first phase. go away.

In his analysis, former assistant Roger Schmidt explains that “Weigel is a player with simple processes, but his conversion involves more ability with the ball, on the offensive side.” “The idea would be for him to make long transitions and between lines and make progress where Weigl is the most challenging,” he said. The German footballer is believed to be “six people who even play as a central defender, but he needs to have more than eight features to match what Roger Schmidt wants.” On his role in the new coaching plan, Rui Mota sees that Weigl is able to “play in a double round”.

“It will always depend on the perfection of the players next to him, it’s important. Schmidt will already be analyzing his midfielder and Weigel can bet on this adaptation, either with one teammate or with two, in midfield. With three.” analyzed Rui Mota.

The operation ranges from conversation to exercise

Rui Mota to O JOGO details the passports after which Roger Schmidt explains the football player’s reform plan. “If the coach understands that the player has the potential to complete this adaptation / transformation, then it all starts with a conversation with the player to see if he is ready to go through the process, which is also important,” he emphasizes. : “Then you can show your ideas with examples of players who follow the coach’s wishes. In addition, there are specific exercises and the opportunity to watch videos for better understanding.”


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