Santa Cruzense is looking for resources to remove brain tumors – GAZ

Santa Cruzense is looking for resources to remove brain tumors – GAZ

The Solidarity Network is trying to help 31-year-old Juliett Neto Zeppe from Santa Cruz, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. A fundraiser online was created on the Vakinha website by the mother of a hairdresser, who is trying to raise at least 112 thousand R $ for an operation that needs to be done urgently.

Juli, as she is known, says that she woke up in the early hours of June 10 with severe headaches. When he turned on the light, he realized he couldn’t see. She sought medical help, she was even subjected to CT, but she received an initial diagnosis of possible migraine. During the day, however, he states that the pain remained. “The pain was very strong. I thought I was dying or having a stroke. Eventually I went back to the hospital and found Dr. Marcel Corrê Vione, who will perform the operation on me. He looked at my examinations and immediately saw that something was wrong and that there was a brain tumor, ”he explains.

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The operation can be performed by SUS, but due to waiting, the consequences can worsen and there is no reversal of vision, so the family decided to hospitalize in a private way. After another series of tests, including magnetic resonance imaging and the number of hormones, it was found that the tumor had ruptured and that there were blood clots in the brain, which eventually compressed the eyes and endangered vision. “I’ve already lost all my sight in my left eye, and partially in my right eye.” According to Juliet, the operation will try to remove the tumor, clot the blood and restore vision, preventing further damage to the eye. “And that’s what surgery is, a risk on all sides, but we’re pretty confident that everything will work out,” he said.

The amount of 112 thousand R $ covers only the operation. According to the hairdresser, the daily prices of the hospital, which already amounted to 10 thousand R $, are not included, with the costs of examinations and medicines. Juliett is due to be released later this Saturday, the 18th, and is due to return on Thursday, the 23rd, to undergo surgery. After that, you will still have to stay for three days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and you will again bear the costs of hospitalization, in addition to the anesthesiologist and surgeon.

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Juliett lives in Linha João Alves, Santa Cruz do Sul, is married and the mother of two boys aged 3 and 10. She thanked the solidarity chain that was formed in the municipality and emphasized that any help would be welcome. Anyone interested in helping can join the crowdfunding online or transfer via Pix to 51997637024 in the name of Rosimeri Neto.


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