Sao Paulo FC now allows you to buy tickets with cryptocurrency

Sao Paulo FC now allows you to buy tickets with cryptocurrency

Oh Sao Paulo Football Club (SPFC) Now supporters are allowed to buy tickets with cryptocurrency. The innovation, announced last Wednesday (25) night, made possible the partnership between Tricolor and cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitso, Which is currently the official sponsor of the S সাo Paulo Club. Now you can buy Tickets Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Lightcoin (LTC), Dozcoin (DojiE), Shiva Inu (SHIB) and five US Dollar-backed stables, including GD USDC, USDP, DAI and BUSD.

Therefore, Members of the Sao Paulo Club’s Socio Torseder Program can now purchase Sao Paulo tickets in digital currency.. To make a purchase, the pro-subscriber user must follow the normal procedure, use the total access website, log in, and select the cryptocurrency payment option. The new payment option is available for all games where Sওo Paulo is at home, be it at Morbi or at another stadium.

Sao Paulo now allows you to buy tickets with cryptocurrency
The new payment option is available for all games where Sao Paulo is at home, either at Marmbi or at another stadium (reproduction / internet).

The first crypto ticket purchase was made by Fábio Gloeden Brum, who chose to pay with Bitcoin (BTC). He was presented with a non-fungible token (NFT) by Bitso and SPFC representing this first ticket to Brazil purchased with crypto. “I was already interested in investing in cryptocurrency and now that I know that I can not only make money, but use this facility every day for transactions and payments, it makes me even more excited to go deeper into the crypto universe. “Fans say.

The news also excited the club representatives and brokers. “One of our main goals since the beginning of our partnership with the club was to open up the possibility for Sao Paulo fans to buy their favorite team match tickets with cryptocurrency.”Antonio Mota, marketing director of Bitso in Brazil.

“Being able to make this service available for the first time in Brazil represents an important step in Bitsor’s mission to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and useful in people’s daily lives, promoting greater freedom and financial inclusion for Brazilians.”

Antonio Mota, Marketing Director of Bitso, Brazil

Sao Paulo now allows you to buy tickets with cryptocurrency
Soon, the new payment method will be available to any Sao Paulo fan (Reproduction / Internet)

Eduardo Tony, Executive Marketing Director Sao Paulo FCOffering more options to the fans is an important step towards making Morumbi a more modern stadium. “We are excited to launch this pioneering initiative and to give Sao Paulo residents an innovative experience. It fills us with pride and joy to be with Bitso and to be the first club in Brazil to bring more modernization, freedom and accessibility to fans through cryptocurrency. There is always something new in Sao Paulo’s DNA. “Tony says.

The announcement Sao Paulo FC The deal comes less than six months after the end of Bitsor’s three-year sponsorship deal, which was announced during an open press conference in early January. Since then, the brokerage firm has printed his name on the sleeves of team sports uniforms and on training uniforms. Also, Bitso has now named a sector of the stand at Morumbi in Sao Paulo Stadium.

Although the new payment method is only available to fans at this first moment, it is hoped that soon, any and all fans of the club will be able to purchase Sao Paulo tickets via digital currency.

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