Sergio Conceição acquitted, Vítor Baia and Rui Cerqueira convicted of incidents with Frederico Varandas at FC Porto-Sporting – Sport

Sergio Conceição acquitted, Vítor Baia and Rui Cerqueira convicted of incidents with Frederico Varandas at FC Porto-Sporting – Sport

Sergio Conceicao was acquitted of all charges, Vitor Baia, vice president of the Dragons, was sentenced to 25 days in prison and Rui Cerqueira, a spokesman, was sentenced to 115 days in prison.

In addition to individual fines, FC Porto’s SAD team was also collectively fined € 16,320.

The trial dates back to March, when Sporting disciplined the two teams in a 2-2 draw at the Estádio do Dragão on 11 February.

Despite the suspensions, the League Competition Disciplinary Rules allow for the suspension of sanctions “on holiday” because they do not mimic the FPF rules that preclude this possibility.

Thus, the suspensions with the decision made after the end of the season cover the period of sports breaks, and Vítor Baia ends before the resumption of sports.

“Unlike the suspension provided for in the Rules of the Federation and which prevents managers from being at sports facilities, the suspension provided for in the League Regulations only prevents managers from being in the technical field,” the decision said today.

Since the start of the trial, the Portuguese Professional Football League’s Coaches Commission has sent indictments to four defendants (three and a “white-blue” SAD) on May 2.

As for the former goalkeeper, the reasoned decision alleges various insults to Sporting president Frederico Varandas, admitting that he “insulted the honor of another sports agent”, which reduced the sentence.

The SAD of the Dragons was punished for publications on social media, acquitted of other charges, and justified the “heavier” decision on CD Rui Cerqueira at several points.

The leader’s “leoning” of the president’s hand, causing his cell phone to fall, was proven on the CD by various pieces of evidence, such as Varandas’ request to renew his ID card. It is kept on the cover of the mobile phone.

Sérgio Conceição, in turn, was acquitted because the evidence presented brings him closer to Varandas, but “does not allow him to clearly and unambiguously determine the content of what he said in the end.”

The match between FC Porto and Sporting, which ended in a 2: 2 draw in the 22nd round of the First League on February 11, was marked by disrespect between the players and elements of the two teams with the referee showing several red cards.

After João Pinheiro’s final whistle, the players of both teams began to push, and the referee sent off four players, two from each team: in addition to some structural elements, the “dragons” Marchesín and Pepe and the “lions” Tabata and Palhinha. .

A day after the match, Sporting announced its intention to open a criminal case against Porto head coach Sergio Conceição, SAD Porto vice-president and administrator Vítor Baia and club spokesman Rui Cerqueira for “verbal aggression and attempts”. physical aggression, ”he told club president Frederico Varandas.

FC Porto reacted to the Lions’ intentions, denied the allegations and denied any aggression against the Alvalade club’s leader.

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