“Shopping to buy tickets” is here, thanks to the Atlanta-based taxpage.

“Shopping to buy tickets” is here, thanks to the Atlanta-based taxpage.

Even as musical festivals, theater shows, and small event venues grow in popularity, a handful of websites selling tickets continue to be the norm. Stephen Behler These are big ticketing sites with a simple, long-term web solution for producers and venue owners. Tixpage It shows producers how to streamline ticket purchases in order to gain control over their own events.

TixPage’s focus is personalization and versatility for each event page.

“Producers can come to TixPage, whatever your venue, whatever type of ticket you want to sell, and we’re going to provide you with this perfectly powerful interface and back-end so you can sell tickets in minutes,” Beehler said. Says Hypepotamus. “Online ticketing solutions like Ticketmaster have a lot of ticketing fees and customers are becoming aware of that game. Solutions like EventBright retain the producer’s ticket revenue until their event is over, bottled after their cash flow.”

Instead, TixPage users pay only a credit card processing fee and $ 1, and unlike other mainstream ticketing platforms, users will not see another company’s logo on the event page and other producers will not be marketed at the event. This creates a more personalized branded experience for each location and event.

“You have to sell tickets for an experience of 20 or 20,000 people, we can scale and adjust any one of them,” Behler said.

The platform connects directly to Stripe for payment processing and gives space owners the option of a two-day direct deposit. “We do not touch or hold your money. It’s your money. They are your customers. This is your event. This is your ticket. We are very hand-off in that way, think of us as Shopify for ticketing. ”

Beehler launches RoleCall Theater in Ponce City Market, where TixPage technology is used

In addition, TixPage has created Flex Pass to solve a larger problem faced by multi-day, multi-stage festival producers. At festivals like Cochlea, event producers can’t keep track of where concert attendees go all day; However, Flex Pass allows producers to view the most popularly selected shows so that guests can be allocated more efficiently across the entire property.

Once Beehler started his own theater company, RoleCall, he invested heavily in the event sector and felt the need for more control over the online ticketing experience for customers.

10 months after launch, TixPage is processing thousands of tickets a month and has partnered with local comedy producers, film festivals, theater producers and more who are using the platform across the state of Georgia.

“I’ve sold tickets through dozens of platforms over the years and never found a solution that puts producers and ticket buyers at the forefront of the experience. I believe that by the end of this year, we will have the most powerful feature-rich web ticketing system, “said Behler.

Importantly, Behler acknowledges that the event process is about a lasting experience. Towards the end of the summer, Beehler will be the first to add to its new Web3.0 features that allow TixPage to become your “de facto NFT ticketing”. As a social media page, users will be able to create a profile to keep an NFT portfolio of all the different events they have participated in in the past, allowing friends to view their online digital event history as well as keep a virtual memory box. .

TixPage has been bootstrapped to date but is considering institutional funding in the near future.

“Right now, the more clients that use the platform, the more we will be able to reinvest and innovate, only to strengthen the product and therefore make the online ticketing experience better for everyone,” added Behler.


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