Smartwatch Facebook: The watch has been canceled, but here’s what it looks like

Smartwatch Facebook: The watch has been canceled, but here’s what it looks like

About a year later, the first rumors suggested the group Facebooknow META, is developing a physical product to be worn on the wrist, smart watch, but the project will be cancelled. However, while news of its existence only emerged about a year ago, work on the product has been underway for about two years.

wearable (wearable) has been codenamed Milan And it’s already in the prototype stage. Recently, however, META Group decided to cancel existing plans to manufacture and commercialize a new product that would connect us more to the Mark Zuckerberg-led group’s social networks and other communication platforms.

This is what the Facebook SmartWach prototype looks like

facebook smart watch

Prototype image shared by publication Bloomberg, which describes several features and connection options for this watch, which has never established a commercial name. In fact, in the words of the aforementioned publication, this is an Apple Watch competitor that has two cameras that are said to capture and share content from the user’s wrist.

At the same time, the source also pointed out that META Group will not launch augmented reality glasses anytime soon. This is another product that has been gradually proposed and pointed out by various rumors. In short, we won’t have new physical products from the social media giant.


despite this, Bloomberg Point out that tech groups remain interested in such wearables. Either way, plans for the original watch have been scrapped, although the company may be working on a fitness smartband-like bracelet that will continue to catch on.

The Facebook Clock will launch in 2023 for $349


META Group had originally planned for the product to be available in 2023, with a suggested retail price of $349. As such, it will be an open competitor to the Apple Watch, which shares a common format and multiple operating locations with the Apple Watch.

Above, for example, we see a watch with two cameras, one with 5 MP on the front, while the second on the back has 12 MP and sits alongside the activity sensor. Of course, the watch can track the wearer’s physical activity in addition to tracking their movements.

The watch will have GPS, Wi-Fi and up to 18 hours of autonomy

It can take photos and record videos even if we don’t have a smartphone near us. In addition to integrated GPS positioning, the smartwatch also features Wi-Fi connectivity and connectivity to mobile networks.

Finally, it has an estimated autonomy of 18 hours, with its own “cradle” or charging station.Now, will the company focus again on such products, even the so-called Smart bracelet will be abandoned. In any case, having more products that record our actions and activities may not be what consumers want.

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