Snapchat will have a subscription plan with access to exclusive and early features

Snapchat will have a subscription plan with access to exclusive and early features

Snapchat should soon have a paid subscription service with premium features called Snapchat Plus. According to Snap, the idea is to provide the social network’s fans with a unique tool at a modest price, but crucial to generating a recurring profit stream.

Snapchat Plus was discovered by developers and whistleblower Alessandro Paluzzi. He posted the discovery on his Twitter profile and is looking forward to new features such as access to experimental and pre-release features, the ability to pin conversations, and custom icons for the home screen.

Following this accidental leak, a Snap representative confirmed to The Verge that subscription plans are in place. This is done internally with a small group of users to provide the aforementioned benefits. The idea is that, in addition to knowing how many friends have relived their stories, subscribers can use some badges to identify them.

Snap developers haven’t provided official details about these features, but Paluzzi’s screenshots may have revealed the most. According to the spokesperson, the tools should be made available to subscribers first and then to the wider public.

Prices must vary between €4.59 for the monthly plan (current price is R$24.60), €24.99 for the six-month plan (R_jobs(data.conteudo)nbsp;133.93), and €45.99 (R$246.48) for the full year. These values ​​give an idea of ​​average costs, but they are not deterministic and should be different for each market.

Inspiration for Twitter and Telegram

Snapchat’s plan is similar to Twitter Blue, although the competitor has some perks and costs less — $2.99 ​​a month. In Blue, there are tools for uninterrupted reading, undo tweets, favorite publications folders, color themes for apps, and other tweaks.

Telegram also confirmed that it plans to launch a premium subscription service with extra features later this month. In Messenger, however, subscribers will no longer have exclusivity, but expanded limitations and benefits, such as the possibility to send larger files and faster downloads.

reduce reliance on advertising

This shift to subscription-based plans stems from reduced demand for online advertising. Last year, social networks and companies that make a living from advertising have realized the dangers of this model, as changes to privacy policies could affect business.

Snap is the company most affected by App Tracking Transparency (ATT), Apple’s security system that requires user authorization to be tracked for advertising purposes. In percentage terms, ad revenue fell more than rivals because the platform relies almost entirely on mobile ads.

There are no details on when Snapchat Plus will be available to users or whether the service will come to Brazil.

resource: Alessandro Paluzziedge

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