Sporting’s opinion on the titles will be put to a vote by FPF AG – Sporting

Sporting’s opinion on the titles will be put to a vote by FPF AG – Sporting

Sporting’s opinion on the titles was put to a vote at the general meeting of the FPF on June 29. The document was not part of the agenda, but was included at the request of representatives of FPF AG and elements of Sporting’s Board of Directors, Francisco Salgado Zenha and Miguel Nogueira Leite. The opinion of the lions is confirmed by Diogo Ramada Curto and Bernardo Pinto da Cruz. The Lions believe that the Campeonato de Portugal (CP), held in the knockout format between 1921 and 1938, was the most important event on the calendar, so it was the herald of the League, not the Portuguese Cup, so its winner would be the national team. champion. exactly right. On the other hand, the regulations to be withdrawn from the clubs that won the Experimental League (LE) between 1934-1938.

In this scenario, Sporting would add four titles to history (1922/23, 1933/34, 1935/36 and 1937/38). Benfica will keep 37 (three losses in LE and three additions in CP), FC Porto will keep 32 instead of 29 (a little in LE, three more in CP) and Belenenses will keep four instead of one (three CPs). . In addition to Boavista, Olhanense, Maritimo and Karkavelinyos would also be on the list.

None of the two opinions already on the FPF’s AG’s agenda satisfied Sporting’s claims. The decision will be made by representatives of district associations, class and other members (including the league). The FPF has never stated its position on the issue. “This is a topic I did not vote for (…). But Sporting and all other clubs deserve a decision from the General Assembly, supported by academic opinions,” Fernando Gomez said in an interview. recordon February 25.

The club raised the issue in 2016 under the leadership of Bruno de Carvalho. On December 17, 2020, Frederico Varandas submitted to the FPF a “historical and independent opinion” prepared by Diogo Ramada Curto and Bernardo Pinto Cruz, researchers at the Portuguese Institute of International Relations, based on a study by Sporting official Paulo Almeida. . In May, the club celebrated its 23rd title in its history, not the 19th, for example, as seen on the bus carrying the team. This is the information that Sporting uses in all references on the subject.

competitive ideas

The two rivals of Sporting have different opinions.

Opinion 1 (by Amandio Barros, Manuel Janeira, Ricardo Pereira and Silvia Alves) claims that the winners of the Portuguese Championship (CP) between 1921-22 and 1933-34 should be considered national champions, adding that only 1934-35- CP can be considered the predecessor of the Portuguese Cup, as the season called “Campeonato das Ligas” begins from that season (there are now two national competitions on the scale). In this scenario, three more titles will be awarded to FC Porto and Belenenses, two titles to Sporting and Benfica, and one title to Olhanense, Maritimo and Carcavelinhos. The history of the Portuguese Cup will be enriched by two more trophies for Sporting and one for Benfica and FC Porto.

Opinion 2 (Francisco Pinheiro) argues that the Portuguese Championship is the predecessor of the Portuguese Cup, while Campeonato das Ligas preceded the national championship. Thus, the schedule of champions will remain unchanged. The list of Portuguese Cup winners will include four more Sporting and FC Porto, three more Benfica and Belenenses and one Olhanense, Maritimo and Carcavelinhos.


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