Teleperformance eSports Arena is an ‘asset’ that helps companies recruit employees – Computers

Teleperformance eSports Arena is an ‘asset’ that helps companies recruit employees – Computers

At the end of May, Teleperformance opened a world-class e-sports arena, Provides facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities for streaming of team games, except for the ability to be viewed by the public. Located at its Lisbon headquarters, the €1.2 million investment also includes a virtual reality lab and opening event that brought some of the biggest names in esports to Portugal.

Some questions remain unanswered, especially Invest in mid/long term goals of the arena And how the company intends to use the space dedicated to esports. In a question from SAPO TEK, Augusto Martinez Reyes, CEO of Teleperformance Portugal, Clarification that the company has been involved in the gaming market for several years“It has thousands of employees working in the industry, working on platforms and consoles, supporting mobile gaming, streaming, and in recent years gaming in virtual worlds, to name a few”.

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Augusto Martinez Reyes pointed out that the market has grown a lot in recent years, Globally worth $165 billion in 2020 and ‘continues to grow exponentially every year’“We built this stage inspired by the past (what we have already done in the industry), the present (our employees) and the future (our clients want to be in the virtual world)”.

Regarding the future of the arena, this “Built for our people, we have around 13,000 people in Portugal from 111 countriesand in Teleperformance’s most central office, so everyone can play or see other teams play.” He also stressed that the space will be the stage for internal and external tournaments, with national and international teams.

“The arena is built for our employees, and we have around 13,000 employees in Portugal from 111 countries.”

On the other hand, considering that most of its employees are gaming enthusiasts and even gamers, “in this industry, having a physical space with high-tech equipment will help recruiting and bring more people to our company. “. On the other hand, Augusto Martinez Reyes said Teleperformance With a large number of gaming customers in Portugal, the arena can be a space for them to enjoy“On the one hand, we have a space to test new games, platforms or use as a lab for new brands.”

Teleperformance Portugal

Augusto Martinez Reyes, CEO of Portugal Telecom

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Augusto Martinez Reyes, CEO of Portugal Telecom

Obviously, with a national e-sports stage, the CEO of the Portuguese branch Do not rule out the possibility of Teleperformance having its own professional e-sports team“but at the moment I can’t provide more information as we are finalizing the details with everyone involved”.

He also said the arena can be compared to a campus, a space where his professional team can train. “Contests can be organised by us or our clients. Building a competitive team is part of our agenda”, stressed Augusto Martinez Reyes, promising to reveal more about the project soon, “as our employees Already using this space, we can use this factor to attract more talent.”

“Building a competitive team is part of our agenda”

When asked about choosing Lisbon to build an esports center, Augusto Martínez Reyes noted, This decision is part of the company’s global strategy, in line with the number of clients in Lisbon“In this way, we can have a bigger impact on the gaming community. So this will be the first Hub, but it certainly won’t be the last. There are other potential locations that could include Latin America, the US and Asia. “

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Its virtual reality lab is also an important part of the strategy, becoming “a space where we test technology and equipment and develop the tools needed to train employees in a virtual world environment”. The company’s CEO also stated, Your customers can use the lab to help bridge the gap between the industry itself and Metaverse“We help companies start exploring the metaverse, where we build worlds, and help our clients define how they will embrace the metaverse within their companies.”

The company creates digital copies (digital twins) of its buildings, The inside and outside of the facility can be visited in virtual reality, surrounded by a marine aquarium and other points of the national park replicated in the experienceThe meeting rooms, cafeteria and other parts distributed on the floor are reproduced in detail in the virtual space, except for the laboratory in question, which the team decided to give a more personal and different touch. This can prove its existence in the metaverse.

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