The best time of day to exercise depends on what you intend to do.

The best time of day to exercise depends on what you intend to do.


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The best time of day to exercise depends on what you want

What do you want to gain from the exercises?

The best time of day to exercise can depend on what you want to achieve with training, but it can also depend on whether you are a man or a woman.

In a small experiment, which will need to be evaluated on larger populations, the researchers asked 30 women and 26 men to train in the morning, before breakfast or in the evening, adhering to a specially planned meal plan.

Men who exercised at night had greater improvements in heart and metabolic health as well as emotional well-being.

In women, the picture was mixed: The greatest improvements in total body fat, abdominal and hip fat, in addition to blood pressure, were achieved by women who exercised in the morning; improvements in muscle strength, potency, endurance, mood, and food intake were greater in those who exercised in the afternoon.

The good news is that all groups have improved their overall health and performance.

“Here, for the first time, we show that for women, morning exercise reduces abdominal fat and blood pressure, while evening exercise for women increases upper body muscle strength, strength and endurance and improves muscle strength.

“We have also shown that in men, night exercise reduces blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and the feeling of fatigue and burns more fat compared to morning exercise,” summed up Dr. Paul Arciero, of California State University (USA).

Exercise time is important

All participants improved their general health and performance during the experiment, regardless of their orientation to morning or evening exercise and regardless of gender.

“Our study clearly shows the benefits of morning and evening multimodal exercise to improve cardiometabolic health and mood, as well as the results of physical performance in women and men,” Arciero said.

The highlight of the study, however, is evidence that the time of day when exercise is performed determines the intensity of improvement in physical performance, physique, cardiometabolic health and mood.

For example, all participants reduced total body fat, belly and hip fat, and blood pressure during the study, but these improvements were greater in women who exercised in the morning. Only men who exercised at night showed a reduction in the ratio of total and HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, the ratio of respiratory turnover and oxidation of carbohydrates, because fat has become a favorite source of fuel for the body.

Check with a scientific article:

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