The Celts stopped Stephen Curry.  Everyone else forced them to pay.

The Celts stopped Stephen Curry. Everyone else forced them to pay.

SAN FRANCISCO – In the gleaming arena of the first NBA final, fans stood up and applauded as the last minute of the game approached, perhaps to be sent home before Golden State returned as champion.

Stephen Curry sat on the bench for the last 1 minute and 19 seconds of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, smiling and having a happy conversation with someone nearby.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be happy after 0 for any night,” Curry said. He added: “Yes, there is fire and I want to shoot, but the rest depends on how we win the game. And we did it. “

In the first four games of the series against the Boston Celtics, Golden State, who relied on Curry, showed his ability to succeed even when the shot didn’t work. Monday was the first playoff game in Curry’s career without scoring at least one 3-pointer. It was also a 104-94 victory, with the Golden State leading 3-2 in the final and winning the championship in Boston on Thursday.

The Celtics, who scored 43 points to beat them in Game 4 on Friday, did their best to slow down Curry. So in Game 5, everyone paid for them.

“The fact that everyone stood up – Wiggs, JP, Clay hit big, Draymond found his life, his spirit and his impact on the game,” Curry said.

Wiggs is Andrew Wiggins, who was once called a bust when he thought some people would not be able to keep their promise to be number one. 1 general choice in the draft. He scored 26 points for the Golden State with 13 rebounds and 2 steals. He blocked the ball in the first quarter when he took the ball away from Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

JP Jordan Poole and scored 14 points Hit the 3-point shot By the end of the third quarter, he ran to the nearest corner and roared into the crowd. The basket was one point ahead of Golden State after another disastrous quarter.

Thurpson, Curry’s 3-point partner, was unstable in the final, but scored 5 3 in the 5th game and scored 21 points.

Draymond Green had a game that Golden State coach Steve Kerr called “brilliant,” and the fight at the beginning of the series caused some to wonder if his non-basketball pursuits distracted him.

29-year-old traveler Gary Payton II scored 15 points for the Golden State, making 6 of 8 shots.

“Gary plays bigger than the 6’2 NBA players I’ve seen so far,” said Thompson. became a great weapon.

Curry knew he wouldn’t let the Celtics repeat what they did in Boston. In the days between the 4th and 5th Games, he watched the film for a dual purpose: he wanted to see what was working to try to replicate it. He wanted to predict the potential adjustments Boston would use to prevent it.

The Celtics made adjustments and felt good about how they defended Curry in Game 5.

“There’s a little bit of physical strength out there,” Celtics head coach Ime Udoka said. “It simply came to our notice then. But we have to do it on others. “

While talking about how Curry’s teammates compensated for the shooting, Curry and Udoka focused on their offensive production. But more important for the Golden State was their protection.

They kept the Celtics with a total of 94 points and 22 points from 18 Boston transfers. Payton committed three thefts, Thompson had two, and Green and Curry had one each.

The only quarterback that the Celtics looked better was the third, who scored 6 of 9 3-point attempts, 11 of 19 shots in total, and converted a 16-point lead to 5 points at 3:55. period.

“They dominated almost the entire third quarter,” Green said. “It’s still great for us to have an advantage in the fourth quarter. I think it was something we could build on and we did. ”

As Golden State regained control of the game, the whole team was overjoyed.

When Celtics striker Jason Tatum smashed Payton less than four minutes before the end of the game, Payton dropped his palms and began to push. 2:10 before the end of the game, Wiggins ran past Derrick White from Boston for a one-handed dunk that angered his teammates and the San Francisco crowd.

“We’re no more excited than Wiggs hitting someone,” Thompson said. “And it really raises the whole team and the Gulf Region.”

In the first four games of the final, Curry averaged 34.3 points per game, and his scoring percentage was better than 53 percent at Game 3 and 4 in Boston. He also made 25 3-pointers in those four games and made at least half of the 3-pointers in Game 1, 3 and 4.

He was the most consistent part of the Golden State attack. After Game 4, Thompson was impressed with Curry’s ability and said he wanted to help him.

But on Monday, Green disagreed with what he called a “story” that, as usual, turned out that Curry didn’t have the help he needed for the series.

“If he can do that, we’re going to be tough Stephen Curry,” Green said. “It simply came to our notice then. This man doesn’t have any understanding, he doesn’t have any help, well, he has 43, he will continue to shoot and we will do our best to hit him.

He continued for a few sentences before smiling.

“He was 0 to 3 to 9,” Green said. “He’ll be bored going into Game 6. And that’s what we need.”

Curry said he was looking forward to the “back jump” that shooting percentage will inevitably achieve.

At best, Warriors can hit you with waves. Stop one, one will come to you.

To some extent, this has always been the case. During the first run of their dynasty, when they played at the Oracle Arena in Auckland, they had to fight for a while with Curry, Green, Thompson and Andre Iguodala, and then Kevin Durant.

On Monday night, they showed that it is still the case.

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