The decentralized xx network really enables confidential online

The decentralized xx network really enables confidential online

LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – xx Networks, the world’s first truly private and decentralized network for communication and payment, today announced plans for an Elixxir platform that will be integrated into a dApp ecosystem, providing a decentralized app. Specially designed to ensure privacy throughout. Significant grant funds for development are being provided by the xx Foundation, an xx network support organization.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the nonprofit Crisis Text Line was sharing all its client data in the form of “anonymous” with a for-profit partner,, which uses the data through machine learning to “make customer support more humane, sympathetic, And measurable. ” Loris funds CTL, and Loris owns CTL. The data collected from the most painful and at-risk people is being used to create better bots.

But the CTL-Loris scandal is the smallest tip of a giant iceberg অভ the lack of real online privacy in our interactions with various companies, including health insurers and search engines. When asked which changes they would most like to see, respondents to a recent survey on the future of the Internet unequivocally agreed that they want a network where “my privacy is easy to protect”, where “they have more control over how my data is located.” There are “used, and where they see a general decrease in the number of ads” Overall, 70% subscribers “Don’t feel in control of how websites use their personal data.” These are the leading qualities that people call Web 3.0.

The xx network is using its technology to secure the future of personal data. The network’s private communications layer, Quantum-Secure, provides end-to-end encryption with “metadata shading” along with all the information about who, when and how often messages are sent and where they are destroyed. This technology makes the xx network an ideal platform for truly anonymous helplines, and developers have already created templates for such an application based on xx messenger-open source, such as the xx network itself.

David Chaum, founder of the xx network, cMix and inventor of digital currency, insisted: “The xx network team has created the ground floor of Web3,” he said. “No more hype or vague promises: Web3 is already up and running.” Developers and developers committed to a truly decentralized, democratic, privacy-protecting Internet can now join the community and thrive. ”

To support these privacy-based dApps, the xx Foundation is preparing to provide millions of dollars in grant aid to fund independent development in the following areas:

Private communication

  • Push-to-talk contacts are routed via cMix on the xx network
  • Personal messaging of other Messenger users
  • Personal schedule of events without disclosing personal schedule
  • Secret sharing of private key or password for recovery

Shielded help service

  • Women’s health counseling
  • Defending civil rights
  • Whistle blower
  • Intimate partner conflict

Protect privacy

  • Access any RSS feed without anonymity
  • Searching for Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Google, and more while maintaining privacy

Private social media

  • Really anonymous forums and chat rooms
  • Metadata-protected pseudonym tweets
  • “Pirate Radio” — Anonymous broadcast of audio content

Cryptocurrency and finance

  • xx Metadata-secured payments, including currencies and other crypto
  • Sharing authenticated and personal wallet addresses

The xx Foundation invites anyone to apply for a grant from the xx Foundation grant program to develop these ultra-personal dApps to run on the xx network. The Foundation is looking for both experienced and new developers to create unique platforms offered by the network. Additional details will be shared on the xx network Twitter next week. Follow on xx_network.

About the xx Foundation
The xx Foundation supports the right to transfer values ​​as and when required and the right to control its own data and personal information. The Foundation is focusing on helping to start introducing privacy on Web3 by supporting the growth of the xx network.

About the xx network
The xx network is a new kind of platform that offers a secure digital field through which its users can share ideas and exchange value in a secure and personal way. The xx network is a privacy-protective advancement, level-one blockchain that protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing. It was created by an international team led by David Chaum, the godfather of cryptocurrency, and the CEO of Privacy, the developer of xx messenger. Please visit for more information

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