The exclusive platform from Lisbon sells sales of private islands in the metaverse – Mercados

The exclusive platform from Lisbon sells sales of private islands in the metaverse – Mercados

Based in Lisbon, the “market” of NFT (non-fungible assets) of the Exclusible luxury is also focused on real estate in a more distant aspect: the metaverse. The startup indicates that it has ended the sale of 25 private islands in The Sandbox, a virtual universe in which players can not only play, but also own property, which in turn can be monetized.

In a statement, Exclusible explained that these sales from the 25 islands “are equivalent to 910 ethereums”, which at the current conversion represent 2.85 million dollars, around 2.5 million euros.

The list of buyers from these islands includes not only the eToro investment platform, but also “a variety of public figures such as Paris Saint-Germain footballer Marco Verratti, former Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio, Bayern Kingsley Coman from Munich, tennis player Ana Ivanovic, Swiss tennis star Stanislas “Stan” Wawrinka or Swiss businessman Dan Holzmann “.

Exclusible explains that these private islands “are strategically located close to the primary Sandbox Islands,” being properties of various sizes and attributes. It is possible to configure these islands to have options such as “heliports, private ports, furniture or possible internal and external customization”.

The company details that each of the islands has different prices depending on the size. The smaller islands, for example, account for 11 of the 25 islands sold, with prices starting at 25 ethereum each – the equivalent of 66,900 euros. The most expensive option is around 65 ETH, equivalent to just over 179 thousand euros.

The last available private islands were limited to shoppers with more than a million social media followers. As the company explains to Negócios, this rule does not apply to all purchases made through the platform, but, in this case, it served a purpose. “Our goal is to have great celebrities in the metaverse and NFT space to create, deliver and create luxurious experiences,” explains the company’s co-founder, noting that “big brands, celebrities and personalities can be involved with their communities. “In a more immersive and intimate way,” he says.

Regarding the fact that many of the celebrities specified in this announcement did not have an apparent direct relationship with the world of NFT and the metaverse, Thibauld says that “even if the celebrities in our metaverse and NFT projects they are not completely connected to these spaces, it recognizes the opportunity and the potential for the future. ” “So they see Exclusible as a way to get into this exciting new web3 reality.”

Portuguese model Sara Sampaio has been quoting Exclusible on the social network Twitter since this month, when she announced that she bought the first NFT through the platform, on February 9th. “We need more women in the world of NFT and metaverse,” she announced.

Prior to the private islands, Exclusible had already sold several dozen luxury “villas” in the metaverse, with prices starting at 4 ETH in pre-sale, by which time 75 “villas” had been sold. He then sold another 75 ‘villas’, already priced at 6 ETH, at a public sale, which was to be sold in “five hours,” the company explains.

According to data from analytics firm MetaMetric Solutions, real estate sales in the metaverse have been booming in recent months. In 2021, the company estimates that property sales on the four main metaverse platforms will be about $ 501 million and that they could even double over the course of 2022.

In January, at least, this company estimated that they had already reached $ 85 million.

Metaverse is a bet to continue

Speaking by email to Negócios, Thibault Launay, CEO and co-founder of Exclusible, explained that the company “quickly realized this year that NFT they’re sexy, but the metaverse is even sexier for some of the luxury brands. “And given that, ‘Exclusible’ has quickly invested in ‘The Sandbox’ game with three 6×6 developers with the aim of providing next-generation experiences in the metaverse.”

The co-founder of Exclusible adds that, in addition to his presence in The Sandbox, the company is also betting on Decentraland. “Exclusible will continue to develop efforts in the belief-based metaverse that will represent an important step toward creating and conceiving luxury experiences in a fully virtual world.”

“We plan to increase our presence in the luxury segment in the metaverse and continue to try and work with other platforms to understand more about where the web3 generation wants to be and what the experiences want in digital life,” he explains. Thibauld.

Exclusible was founded last summer by a group of French and Portuguese founders. In August, the company raised € 2.2 million in a seed fund, co-led by Indico Capital Partners, the global fund White Star Capital and the European specialist blockchain fund Tioga Capital. In addition to these entities, Formula E driver Antonio Félix da Costa and driver Mitch Evans also participated this time, through APEX Capital.

A few months later, in October, it launched its first NFT collection, generating “2.4 million euros in sales of 3,000 NFT in less than 24 hours,” the company details. In December last year, she bet on launching an NFT collection with Ali Mahdavi and American burlesque star Dita Von Teese – “two names associated with the glamor and fashion industry,” says Thibauld.


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