The future of Web 3.0 for developers, travel apps and low-code tools

The future of Web 3.0 for developers, travel apps and low-code tools


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A. VenturescaleI’m doing a search to understand The future of the Internet And how we can improve other people’s lives by building enterprises. I analyze Startup opportunities With the potential for revenue – at the crossroads of Internet culture, consumer technology and the platform economy.

With today’s post Crypto, travel technology, and low code for developers Read here if you are interested in the team The future of social networks, Fintech and wellness technology, Or B2C online marketplace.

In this initiative report, I break down 3 market opportunities:

  • Web 3 for Builders Monetization (Blockchain Technology)
  • Cure local travel experience (travel technology)
  • Low-code tools (collaboration tools) for team productivity

Below is a preview of the report Research-oriented technology trendsProduct Framework, a revenue model that will help you make better decisions in making your next big thing.

Trend # 1: Decentralize content creation and publishing


Sapien, the social community platform for creators – built on Ethereum

In the past, authors relied on publishers to publish their books. Musicians relied on radio to promote their music. Web 2.0 Gave birth to blogs and social media. Creators can create, promote, create audiences and Self-expression Books, music, movies without relying on the organization.

For some time, content was construction Decentralized However, in Web 2.0, it is becoming more and more evolving Re-centralized. That means ownership is in the hands of Big Tech instead of the manufacturers.

Facebook can Your comment is censored, Account, or post. Big tech Sells your data To advertisers, because Srth. If you leave Instagram today, you’ll lose all your data or recreate it on another platform. There is no digital legacy. Content Monetization Platform Take a cut From your earnings.

The solution? Web 3.0– A decentralized system that resides in blockchain. When the data is “on-chain”, they are recorded in a Distributed ledger . The identities are Verifiable The discovery is Censorship-prevention. You can Safe / TrackYour own data without giving to corporations. Manufacturers can Tokenize Their work is in digital resources.

Web3 Builder Platform:

  •– A crypto-based authoring network that distributes, monetizes through the sale of user-owned and non-fungible tokens.
  • Sapien– An Ethereum-based social network for podcasters, video makers and writers to build viewers and monetize their work.
  • Stoner cat – Allows animators / creators to tokenize their films into collectible NFT, allowing fans to purchase tokens to access content, own NFT, and participate in the content creation process.
  • Vegeta And Royal – Music fans can buy song ownership directly from their favorite artists and earn royalties with them.

েক Takeaway

Creator decentralized economy. Help content creators and consumers to interact, transact, and monetize directly without intervening platform fees. See Startup Opportunity # 1:

Startup Opportunity # 1: YouTube for short films on blockchain

The future of video content sharing is decentralized and community-funded. Like YouTube but for short film content, blockchain.


  • Getkeeping in the film industry. Independent filmmakers have limited access to international distributions because they have to go through film distributors who typically exercise control over such access (e.g. genre, language, commission, licensing policy).
  • (📥 full version) 2 More problem definition examples and proof of industrial problems

The solution

  • Tokenization of video content. Filmmakers can convert short films into collectible items (such as NFTs). Content viewers can purchase tokens to access the content, the film can be owned as NFT, trade and exchange.
  • Fair revenue distribution. Exclude commission fees from broadcasters and distributors. Filmmakers get 100% sales directly from viewers through smart deals.
  • (📥 full version) 3 more solutions and detailed feature examples.

Revenue structure

  • (📥 full version) Examples of 2 revenue streams for monetization as a business

Venture scale

(1) Industry: Video Sharing, Entertainment, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

(2) Market potential:

  • Indie film has a $ 4.8 billion market. Video editing technology And apps will continue to give birth to short film making.
  • (📥 full version)3 more research proofs to prove the validity of the market

(3) Performance Strategy:

  • Ready for blockchain technology Technology-centric The audience can focus on educating content marketing industry enthusiasts Technical content Helps to understand the technological development and innovation of their platform.
  • (📥 full version) 3 more strategies for gaining traction and gaining users

3 Download the full version of this report

Trend # 2: Travel industry revival


Gateway – Cabin Vacation Rentals

Hospitality and tourism industry Back bounce is set Since the dose of the vaccine has been administered worldwide.

Venture funding During COVID-19, travel technology signaled the attention of investors to travel space:

  • Get out – “Small Cabin” vacation rentals in nature within a two-hour drive to major U.S. cities. The company raised সি 41.7 million Series C funds in 2021.
  • Numaste – Provides room and apartment rentals in the largest neighborhoods in the world. The German-based travel agency (formerly known as COSI) closed $ 24.1 million in 2021.

Consumers travel habits New opportunities for entrepreneurs have been transferred:

  • International: Local. International travel bans and border closures force people to see Local tourism Without their country.
  • Group 6 singles. Solo travel Growing up due to remote work. Because now everyone can work from anywhere, not just from home.
  • Long journey → location. Increase demand for Short trip Or “weekend vacation”.
  • (📥 full version)আরও 5 more existing suppliers in good position with this travel trend

New companies that change travel habits will be able to meet customer needs and become a profitable business.

েক Takeaway

Make money as a business by delivering curated and memorable Local travel Experience and Unforgettable Weekend travel. See Startup Opportunity # 2:

Startup Opportunity # 2: In Travel Technology

In this startup idea, we create a solution that meets Gen Z and millennial travel habits – and how to monetize as a business through different revenue streams.

3 Unlock Startup Opportunity # 2

Trend # 3: Low-code / no-code for team productivity


Retool: Create internal tools without code

In this no-code / low-code trend, we uncover customer needs and how to build the future of automation to increase team productivity:

3 Unlock Trend # 3: Low-code / No-code

Startup Opportunity # 3: Automation Survives

We will solve the problem with this startup idea Collect customer feedback – How to help Product team Discover the right problems to solve, create The right product / Features, and Repeat Quickly – and how to monetize this SaaS business.

3 Unlock Startup Opportunity # 3

Get the full version of this single report:

  • Fracture of Trend # 3 Low-code tool
  • Fracture of Startup Opportunity # 1 (Web 3 for Creators Monetization / Blockchain Technology)
  • Fracture of Startup Opportunity # 2 (Local travel experience / travel technology curated)
  • Breakdown Startup Opportunity # 3 (Low-code tools / collaboration tools for team productivity)

You will unlock:

  • 🔺 3 Market trends 1 in the report
  • 📝 3 Startup opportunities Breakdown in 1 report
  • ProblemsExamples of definitions to express industry-specific needs
  • 13 The solutionAnd detailed example features
  • 5 Revenue flowYou can create monetization of your business ideas
  • 10 In-depth evaluationOn each startup concept – how to give evidence of market potential and user acceptance
  • 10 Ways to make it workThis is the initial opportunity

3 Download the full version of this report


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