The Golden State needs one win for the title after beating the Celtics in Game 5

The Golden State needs one win for the title after beating the Celtics in Game 5

SAN FRANCISCO – On Monday night, the Golden State broke its attack for almost the entire third quarter when Andrew Wiggins confidently pushed the ball to young defender Jordan Poole. Before the end of time, Poole fired a 3-point shot from 33 feet, which knocked the glass down before knocking it through the ring.

In Game 5 of the NBA Finals, there was a thunderous breath of life for the white-collar fans of the team, who were riding high and low before the Golden State and the Warriors retreated for a 104-94 victory. they are on the threshold of another championship.

Leading the series 3-2, the Golden State could win its fourth title in eight seasons, and the team could win its first title since 2018, when it set out to face Boston in Game 6 on Thursday night.

Wiggins leads Golden State with 26 points, while Clay Thompson added 21 points. Jason Tatum scored 27 points in the defeat of the Celtics.

After a great start, the Golden State was 12 points ahead, but Tatum’s four free throws and three consecutive points gave the Celtics the first 10 points of the second half, a surprising turn of events given the Golden State’s popular game. hot third quarters. The Celtics soon took the lead when Marcus Smart and Al Horford connected with 3 consecutive points as part of a 19-4 run.

Before Thompson finally paired up, Golden State missed the first eight 3-point attempts of the second half.

After Poole hit his deepest 3-pointer in the third quarter, the home crowd at the Chase Center was almost in a state of delirium, and his teammates were at the peak of that emotion. When Thompson Smart scored another 3 points, Golden State was 8 points behind.

After scoring 43 points in Golden State’s win in Game 4, Stephen Curry made a quiet effort in Game 5, finishing with just 16 points and scoring 0 or 9 from 3 points. But his teammates surrendered. Golden State seemed locked from the start, running the ball from side to side, corner to corner, chasing the best shot possible. The team was always able to communicate, scoring 3 of 17 points in the first half.

Still, the Golden State advanced to 16 at the end of the first quarter before starting to break away from Curry, who was sitting on a Boston bench. Smart sank a 10-meter jump. Robert Williams had to go in for layup.

The Golden State was recalibrated as Curry secured a 51-39 advantage at the break.

In the first half, the Golden State was supported by the Wiggins, who had 16 points and 7 rebounds, and Draymond Green, who scored one of the more ambitious moves in the final. In the first four games of the series, he scored a total of 17 points. During the break of the 5th game, he had 8 points and flew around the field.

Tatum did his best to keep the Celts close, scoring 13 points and 8 rebounds in the first half after working through most of the series.

Before the game, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka expressed concern that Tatum was hunting for fouls rather than good shots. Udoka wanted him to be “more physical” in driving.

“Many times he kind of swims, tears one leg, grows a little stronger when he can plant and get out of both legs,” Udoka said, adding: “We just tell him to be resolute. He did it all year, covering every circumstance. saw and in most cases separated them somehow.

For Golden State head coach Steve Kerr, Monday was the 25th anniversary of his football career. It was Kerr’s shot in Game 6 of the 1997 final that gave the Chicago Bulls another championship – their fifth under Michael Jordan – against the Utah Jazz.

“It’s something every young basketball player dreams of,” he said, adding: “Finals, whether you play or coach, are finals. It’s the biggest competition in the world of basketball.”

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