The LX 50 is two years old and wants to reach Europe

The LX 50 is two years old and wants to reach Europe

It has the prefix Lisbon in its name, but the club is located in Riachos, in the village of Ribatejana in the municipality of Torres Novas, and is still taking its first steps, but ambitious.

He is already a European champion in beach handball, but wants to be a nation in the pavilions. He is still taking his first steps, with a two-year existence – although he is the first to play only masters and not in the federation – but Paulo Paiva dos Santos, the founder and president of the LX 50, is already talking about reaching the entry points. European competitions.

But let’s go by the parts. “I played handball when I was young and we started having lunch, as well as some games between us as veterans, joining people I played with at Sporting, meetings we call handball. This season we played in Division III, we only had one game. SIR 1.º de Maio We lost in the beginning, that is, we played 22 games and won 21 and were promoted to Division II, “said JOGO Paulo Paiva dos Santos, 60, who was born in Porto but lives. from childhood in Lisbon.

We drafted the charter, everything that had to be done legally, one of the people who played for Sporting, Professor Frederico Santos, took over the technical team, and I was able to achieve good results with my management skills. “The project was founded,” said the founder of the club, who was also the founder of the Generis group a few years ago.

“It was a promotion or nothing when we went to Division III this year. Now we will go to the second, there will be everything or nothing to go to the first. There are very strong teams, especially in the north, but sooner or later we will rise.” “I will fight for Europe in the Division, with my dear Belenenses, where my children play rugby.” Suddenly, is that a conscious idea? At that time, they also said that it was impossible, because large multinational companies would kill us. Now they can say the same thing. “

Back this weekend, Torres will discuss the name of Division III with LX 50, Gondomar (North) and Deniz Setubalense (South), located in the Central Zone.

“Money comes from the founder”
“The money for this project comes from the founder,” said Paulo Paiva dos Santos, in response to a question from many people. “I founded Generis and then sold it. Then I was involved in various social activities, but I thought it was better to participate in a sports project, but to win, because social work has a lot to say. I know how much it is and I decided to go That’s why I came here because of my professional activities, ”he explains. That’s why he decided to reciprocate. “The training is free. We have a social conscience, it’s something we’ve been doing with my family all our lives, and it’s not 1,000 euros a month that will affect the project. We know the difficulties that parents face during the month. Sometimes they ask us for a price, because they will not be able to pay for two children and will have to choose one … We never get paid and we will never pay, ”he said. The president of LX 50 justifies: “We must return to the village what they did for us.”

Headed by Frederico Santos
Frederico Santos, who has worked for Sporting for 13 consecutive years, ten assistant coaches and three head coaches, commands the LX 50. “The kids on the sports team started coming together. From there, Paulo wanted to dedicate himself to the sport, especially handball, and that’s what happened,” said the coach in Agosto, Angola. 2014/15. “Europe is a challenge that attracts me. If I were not ambitious, I would not have participated in the project. Paulo’s demands, toughness and seriousness are the qualities that I completely distinguish,” he said.

European beach champion
Last weekend in Palermo, Italy, LX 50 GRD became the European champion in beach handball in the final with Lecha. Praolo Paiva dos Santos, who praised the Lece da Palmeira emblem, admits: “Our bet is on the pavilion, but because we have some Brazilian stars, we created a beach handball team and went to Italy with ambitions.” This time there were 16 teams and the pairings reached the final between us. But before we got there, as GRD Lecha, many of us were destroying the French, Germans, Danes, Spaniards, Dutch. It was not an easy way. “


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