The marks in the metaverse

The marks in the metaverse

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26, this year with the theme chosen by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”. The relationship between youth and IP has at least two meanings. In a sense, young people are innovating and gaining protection because of IP. On the other hand, young people are the main recipients of IP-protected innovations. It is, above all, in this sense of relationship that the sub-theme of brands lies in the metaverse.

What is the metaverse?

The creation of the term “metaverse” is usually attributed to Neal Stephenson, who first used it in his science fiction novel Snow Crash, resulting from the juxtaposition of the words “meta” and “universe.” This is the metaverse, a universe that is beyond anything. That something is the non-digital world, so that the universe is digital.

But if the metaverse was a digital space, all digital spaces would be covered by the concept, including any email service or online store. If the metaverse is a universe, then it has the ability to replace the other universe, which is not digital. Therefore, the metaverse should be considered a digital space in which it is possible to practice all (or almost all) of the activities that are possible to practice in the non-digital universe. The metaverse, by this definition, does not even exist. However, the reality is close, already.

The main examples are virtual reality like Second Life, in which the user can perform various activities, through their representation, the avatar. In this virtual reality it is possible, for example, to buy, among other things digital goods, animals, art, vehicles and clothes for the avatar.

Virtual real estate is still a reality. In 2021, the value of digital land acquisition, in places like Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium, has exceeded US $ 500 million ( / metaverse-real-estate-sales). -top-500-million-metametric-solutions-says.html), and many of these buyers have partnered with architectural services to build their virtual properties and buy digital furniture and arts to decorate.


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