‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Could Break A Seemingly Unbeatable Netflix Record Set By ‘Tiger King’ Earlier In 2020

When The Queen’s Gambit premiered on Netflix last month, the show was set up for success. Armed with an interesting premise and a big star in the form of Anya Taylor-Joy, Netflix’s latest viral drama was poised to take over the Top 10 charts.

But I don’t think anyone expected this to happen.

We’re 22 days into The Queen’s Gambit’s run, and the show has spent the last 21 of its Netflix stint in the #1 position on the Daily Top 10. That’s right: 21 consecutive days in first place. As several competitors like Barbarians, Blood of Zeus, Chappelle’s Show and Dash & Lily have come and gone since The Queen’s Gambit’s October 23 premiere, none of them have been able to overtake the Taylor-Joy drama about a young chess prodigy.

And those 21 consecutive days in first place? That’s nearly unprecedented. In fact, the only show to see a longer streak in the top position has been Tiger King, which spent an incredible 27 consecutive days at #1 between March and May earlier this year.

Here are the ten biggest #1 streaks this year on Netflix. Notice how far ahead both Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit sit ahead of the competition:

  1. Tiger King – 27 consecutive days
  2. The Queen’s Gambit – 21 consecutive days
  3. Ratched – 15 consecutive days
  4. The Umbrella Academy – 15 consecutive days
  5. 13 Reasons Why – 14 consecutive days
  6. Away – 12 consecutive days
  7. Unsolved Mysteries – 12 consecutive days
  8. Floor is Lava – 12 consecutive days
  9. The Haunting of Bly Manor – 11 consecutive days
  10. Dead to Me – 10 consecutive days

As you can see, managing to eclipse ten consecutive days at #1 is difficult. Even some of Netflix’s most popular shows over the past few months—such as Cobra Kai, Space Force, Emily in Paris and Lucifer—weren’t able to hit a double-digit streak. And to rise above a 20-day streak is practically unheard of.

So, at this point, The Queen’s Gambit is chasing only Tiger King. To tie the record, The Queen’s Gambit will have to hold onto that #1 position until November 19. Which means that we may very well crown a new champion by Friday.

On the 2020 charts, The Queen’s Gambit currently holds the #19 position. Thanks to its first-place finish on today’s Top 10 charts, The Queen’s Gambit passed both Emily in Paris and Shameless to enter the Top 20 on the yearly charts (I’ve determined this thanks to a Top 10 ranking system I drew up). And it won’t be long before The Queen’s Gambit cracks the 2020 Top 10.

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