The race promises to take you to space.Learn how to register

The race promises to take you to space.Learn how to register

How about having a chance to own your own Star Trek? Famous space enthusiast William Shatnerthe actor who played the darling Captain Kirk exist Star Trekjoined Fintech and unicorns quickly Take you to space! That’s right, the project offers software developers a unique opportunity to travel to the edge of space on one of the first carbon-neutral spacecraft.

William Shatner is the face of the game
William Shatner is the face of the game
Image: Rapidd/Disclosure

It’s a chance to win more $ 1,000,000 Cash, prizes, travel and tickets. A total of 42 challenges will be posted to the Rapyd developer community during the weekly period leading up to October 3rd. Each completion of such a challenge will reveal a password to unlock entry to obtain a boarding pass. Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune. Want to learn more about space travel and entries? Come with us!

How to participate in Rapyd competitions?

To receive this award, you must be part of the community From the Rapidd developers. For more information, visit the official Hack The Galaxy website.

Learn more about the Rapidd competition

Rapidd race takes you into space
Image: Rapidd/Disclosure

This quickly start your game Cracking the Galaxy: A Series of Virtual Challenges, a series of “puzzles” for developers to win tickets to distant space aboard a private capsule (Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune), which will launch in 2026. The Rapyd developer community is publishing challenges.

The competition will nominate three individual winners, to be announced on July 11, September 2, and October 14, 2022.These names will be Fintech The Milky Way, will be able to board the world’s only carbon-neutral spacecraft for a six-hour trip. With 360-degree panoramic windows, winners will enjoy the view from the capsule’s plush lounge chairs and enjoy drinks to celebrate victories and classics.Rocket Man‘ play in the background. Glorious, right?

In space, I can’t express what an incredible opportunity this is for software developers all over the world. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I’m excited to partner with Rapyd to spread the word to developers around the world to sign up for the Rapyd Developer Community, complete puzzles and have a chance to win a trip to Space Edge!

William Shatnerthe actor who played Captain Kirk

developer community

This was also supported throughout the campaign Martin Starr – who played Bertram Guilfoyle on TV hyperbaric Silicon Valley – Participants will stand a chance to win dozens of other prizes – including cash value and ultra-exclusive items like Shatner’s signed space helmet.

The race promises to take you to space. Learn how to sign up. Developers around the world have the opportunity to take part in space travel aboard one of the first carbon neutral spacecraft!
Martin Starr as a developer in Silicon Valley
Image: Silicon Valley/Disclosure

be a part of it Rapidd developer community Far beyond the possibility of running for a space travel ticket.Community has become a hub for developers to learn, connect and share with the rest of the world Fintech. From learning how to use the Rapyd API to collaborating on business ideas and Hackathon Location, a platform for creativity and success.

The Hack the Galaxy challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity to add talented professionals to our growing community of 50,000+ software developers. By launching the first global competition, we can not only find and crown the largest fintech developers on the planet and beyond, but also create a place for like-minded thinkers around the world to communicate and share ideas.

Arik Shtilman, CEO of Rapyd

or according to CEO of Rapidd, Arik Shtilman, developer is a visionary and doer of fintech innovation. Millions of people around the world are rethinking financial services, integrating new ideas and solutions to address how businesses and consumers pay and want to be paid in the global marketplace. In this way, it reinforces its commitment to ensuring these professionals have access to the best tools, support and advice so they can continue to make fintech payment applications and services easier.

How to apply for space travel?

To participate, you must be part of the Rapyd developer community. The date and location of the Space Perspective Promotion Tour has not been announced as per the terms and conditions of the competition. However, the winner can choose a cash prize equivalent to USD 130,000/EUR 121,219 – equivalent to R$ 656,071.

If you are a developer, be sure to join the Rapyd Fintech community and contribute to something bigger than the marathon challenge. Help other fintech developers by contributing code samples for students and experienced developers.

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