The relationship between metaverse and corporate communication

The relationship between metaverse and corporate communication

June 21, 2022

Juliana Garcia

As in other moments of global technological evolution, life seems to mimic art or, in the case of the metaverse, the market has sought inspiration in the science fiction universe to break new paradigms.

The concept was first released in the novel Snow Crash, by American writer Neal Stephenson, metaverse has undoubtedly become the main topic of debate when we think about the fluid paths of digital transformation and refers, in a very objective way, to the construction of immersive virtual environments based on emerging technologies such as and augmented reality. it is artificial intelligence.

According to data from the consultancy Statista, in 2021, the metaverse has shifted a significant amount of 38.8 billion dollars in the world, an amount that is expected to reach more than 47 billion dollars this year and grows to an impressive pace until 2030, when it can be. reached its peak investment of US $ 678.8 billion worldwide.

And the impacts of the technology shift reach to the most diverse areas and segments of the market – from education to fashion; from retail to the communications sector. Reflecting on this last topic, it is interesting to see how the metaverse reveals new possibilities in the field of corporate communication and in the marketingchanging the whole dynamic of the organization.

In a recent analysis by Ernst & Young on the potential transformations of the business environment provided by the metaverse, in fact, the company indicates the need for investments in infrastructure focused on connection and communication as the first step for a company to be able to implement virtualization (and all its benefits) as a reality in their internal culture.

As for trends in organizational communication and dialogue between businesses and their consumers and stakeholdertaking into account the follow-up of various studies, it is possible to trace at least 3 main movements capable of changing the routine of professionals, from the areas of marketing and the relationship between brands and customers.

Immersive experiences and disruptive possibilities for brand positioning

The highlight is when we think about the relationship between communication and marketing and the metaverse implies, precisely, the possibility of creating new experiences in scenarios that break the boundaries between the physical and the digital.

In this sense, from the more fluid interaction between employees, through the construction of events with the use of narrative resources and avatars, to the use of NFT and virtual reality in brand activations; what is expected is that the metaverse fosters engagement in the organization and also creates new consumer relationships in which the customer experience is taken to another level.

Break down barriers marketing digital and a new universe for social networks

Following this same line of reasoning, the metaverse makes room for strategies to marketing which combines not only audio, video, text and augmented reality resources, but in which the consumer becomes a true protagonist of narration and storytelling in virtualized environments that unite brands and consumers.

Also, with the investment of networks like Facebook (Meta) in the metaverse, the whole dynamics of social media can change in terms of ads, content creation and, again, the way that companies and customers interact.

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Consolidation of hybrid work and communication environments phygital

The metaverse may also be the missing step for the consolidation of hybrid work environments and, consequently, for a corporate communication that must be considered a reality. phygital, in which the physical (and in the face) and the virtual merge. Such a strategy requires companies to use resources, solutions and connections to enable more agile communication between work teams – which no longer depend on the walls of an office to do projects together.

Finally, at a time when the metaverse is still in the early stages of maturation in the Brazilian market, the ideal is for the organization to study in depth and not miss the pace of this trend. As we have seen in the context of the pandemic, companies that had more advanced digital transformation projects were more resilient to face the environment of economic crisis. And, like any technology capable of changing a healthy economic situation, they will win over those who know how to anticipate and apply the potential of the metaverse in contexts that make sense for their business.

Juliana Garcia is the CEO of IDEACOMM. Communicator, trained journalist and spontaneous media enthusiast. He has been working for over 15 years as well Public relationsand during this period, 10 years before IDEIACOMM, a content agency, social media and press office for technology companies, startupsTax area is legal.

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