The wearables market fell 3% in the first quarter of 2022. But smartwatches continue to grow with Apple – Tecnologia

The wearables market fell 3% in the first quarter of 2022. But smartwatches continue to grow with Apple – Tecnologia

According to IDC, the global wearables market saw its first-ever decline in the first quarter of 2022. In general, Circulation of 105.3 million units, down 3% year-on-yearThe analyst pointed to a breakthrough in the fact that consumers are investing in products beyond wearables, an area that has grown exponentially in recent years and has been amplified during the pandemic.

While this segment generally declined, not all categories declined because Smartwatches are still in high demand, and in this context, growth is strongHeadphones fell 0.6%, also a result of strong demand in previous quarters, IDC said. Smartbands, down 40.5%, are pioneer devices in the wearables segment. IDC justified the decline with weak demand and inventory constraints.

In contrast, Smartwatches grew 9.1% in the first quarter and now hold 28% of the global wearables marketIDC claims that people are increasingly concerned about their health, and with pricing options opening up, almost everyone has a smartwatch, proving the general disinterest in smartbands. Devices from Samsung and Google have also become more competitive with Apple.

Among the brands that sell the most devices, Apple topped the list with 6.6% year-over-year growthThe Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch SE were the two best-selling devices during the quarter, according to IDC vice president Francisco Jerónimo.

The Apple Watch SE, a smartwatch that’s been on the market for nearly two years, still accounts for 2 million units in circulation.This As a result, Apple accounted for 51.2% of smartwatch sales in the quarter, according to analysts. Overall, in the wearables segment, Apple has placed 32.1 million units in stores, capturing a 30.5 percent share.

Samsung remains in second place in distributed wearables this quarter, but IDC said it was down 10% from the previous yearManufacturers rely on strong smartphone sales to bundle their wearables, especially headphones, the expert said. Neither Apple nor Samsung is immune to the growth of lower-priced product brands.

Model Galaxy Watch 4 remains popular, up 32.7% in the quarter, according to Francisco Jerónimo, the Standard and Classic editions took the third and fourth spots in the top 5, giving the Korean manufacturer the largest share of sales in the quarter. up 18.9%. In total, Samsung placed 10.9 million wearables in stores, capturing a 10.3 percent market share.

This Xiaomi also has a track record in wearables, but due to the smartband segmentWhen it comes to smartwatches and headphones, it remains steadfast, sticking to its strategy of offering quality products at low prices. The company placed 9.8 million units in stores and captured a 9.3% market share during the quarter.

already Huawei, which remains fourth, saw a 10.8% drop in distribution. The company remains very focused on the Chinese market, and the war in Ukraine has crippled its business in the European market. The Chinese manufacturer sold 7.7 million units in stores, maintaining a 7.3 percent share during the analysis period.

Finally, in the analysis of Top 5, Imagine Marketing ranks last among companies selling the most wearables thanks to its presence in the Indian marketHowever, IDC noted that the market is showing signs of saturation, leading to a 3.8% decline in headphones, but a place in the smartwatch category. The company distributes 3.2 million units and holds a 3% market share.

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