TOP – Benfica beat FC Porto again in the championship (Basketball)

TOP – Benfica beat FC Porto again in the championship (Basketball)

Benfica, the Portuguese Basketball League (LPB) in the playoff finals, took a 2-0 victory over FC Porto, winning only one of the national championships.

The red team, which won 79-58 last Saturday, beat Pavilhão da Luz 56-48 today.

The Eagles dominated the first three divisions (15-10, 13-11, 16-11 and 12-16) and managed the 12-point lead they started with Aaron Broussard’s MVP. match (12 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists).

The third match will take place at Dragão Arena next Thursday (9 am) at 18:00.

Watch the game movie here:

end of history – 56-48

19 ‘ – Last minute of the match: Benfica is 9 points ahead. Broussard and Clifford partially stopped the Dragons 11-0.

15 ‘ – 53-39 – Max Landis, leading the reaction of blues and whites. Five points to reduce disability. Ivan Almeida restores a more comfortable difference in the free throw line.

12 ’30’ ‘ – 51-34 – Very strong entry with a 6-0 record by Benfica in the last round. Moncho Lopez wants a time-out in order to provide arguments to challenge the Reds’ second biggest advantage (17 points).

Final part 3 – 44-32 – Ivan Almeida’s sinking with the help of Ben Romdhane replaces the Eagles with a 12-point advantage. The whites and blues continued to have great difficulty in scoring, and the Benficivists condemned some of the rain in their selection to reach the basket. Let’s move on to the last and decisive part …

5 ‘ – 37-24 – An interesting start to two sets: Landis also responded to the trio from Betino with a three-point shot. It’s just an illusion of improvement, because the teams missed a lot of shots again. Betinho remained active and brought back Norberto Alves’ team with a maximum of 10 points. Increasing margin with contributions from Broussard and Gaines. The time-out required by the blue-and-whites did not stop the other side.

Beginning of Part 2

Final Part 2 – 28-21 – Very weak first half with low efficiency rates for both sides. Benfica, however, continue to do better, gaining the biggest advantage in the match 2.24 minutes before the break (27-19), thanks to two points from Lewis, who scored the most goals with 10 points and a strong intervention close to the table (8). blows). Moncho Lopez’s time-out stopped the eagles’ rise.

Television cameras capture Luís Magalhães on the bench at Sporting, replacing Pedro Nuno.

15 ‘ – Five minutes from Benfica, five points from Porto. Many missed the graduations, and the athletes showed the excitement of the final.

Final part 1 – 15-10 – Recovery of Porto players from the actions of Morrison, Landis and Amarante. Benfica could not score more than three minutes. In those five minutes, Ben Romdhane and Barbosa (two free throws) helped the Eagles.

5 ‘ – 9-2 – Lewis’s three shots close to the basket and Ivan Almeida’s trio put Benfica in front of this section. FC responded to Porto Arledge’s offer. Lots of shots on both sides of the pitch. Include Landis and Morrison in the dragons.

0 ‘ – The beginning of the game

The coaches have already determined the starting five. Benfica – Frank Gaines, Broussard, Betinho Gomes, Lewis and Ivan Almeida. FC Porto – Odomes, Voytso, Miguel Queiroz, Arledge and Kloof.

Benfica and FC Porto discuss the second leg of the Portuguese Basketball League (LPB) final in Pavilhão da Luz this afternoon. The Eagles also won the first match in Lisbon with a score of 79-58.


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