TOP – Lions confirm support, destroy Fundao and are in the final (Futsal)

TOP – Lions confirm support, destroy Fundao and are in the final (Futsal)

Sporting are in the final of the play-offs of the national futsal championship, beating Fundao 5: 2 in the second match of the semifinals held this Sunday in Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon.

The Lions were in full swing and in 11 seconds (!) They were already ahead of the mark: Diego Cavinato’s shot and Yuri Bahia unfortunately turned it into his own goal. Shortly afterwards, Leon’s advantage was reaffirmed in the 6th minute when Fernando Cardinal made it 2-0 at close range. Fundão still managed to reduce the downside through Felipe Leite, but Sporting would increase the controversy even before the break through Esteban Guerrero.

In the second period, and in spite of Beyra’s good copy, which formed the theoretical favoritism that was pointed out to him, Sporting, Fernando Cardinal and Pauleta’s goals made the difference even more, with Nemin’s goal already close. In the end, this only served to reduce the number of Fundão failures.

So, the tie was settled – the leonine team, remember, won the first game (6-4) last Friday in Fundao – and Sporting will now face in the playoffs and what opponent awaits. Exit the duel between Benfica and Electrico – play this afternoon (17:00), with Benfica winning 1-0, as a result of the victory (2-1), as well as at last Friday’s fair, Ponte de Sor.

Watch the game movie here:

The end of the match! Sporting 5 Fundão 2.

39 minutes: Felipe Leite, who is in good condition, kicks from the right post of the leonic arm.

38 mins: Long shot by Mário Freitas and corner kick by Gonzalo Portugal.

Fundão’s 5×4, Mário Freitas was confirmed as a forward goalkeeper.

Fundão coach Nuno Couto demanded a technical break. With 2-5 left, less than three minutes before the end, it is likely that the coach of the Beira emblem will prefer 5×4.

38th minute: Alex Merlin’s powerful shot goes over the bar.

36 minutes: Fundão scored! With a wet right foot, Gonzalo reduced the deficit to 5-2 with a powerful and well-placed shot in the upper left corner of the Portuguese goal.

36 mins: After Guilherme Duarte missed a sign from Diego Cavinato, the ball crossed the crossbar as Gonzalo approached the left post of the Portuguese goal.

36th minute: Diego Cavinato’s shot is saved by Paulo Pereira.

The technical break was demanded by Sporting head coach Nuno Dias.

33 mins: Fernando Cardinal is looking for Caio Ruiz on the far post, but David Gomez, who is on the line, makes a great shot for the corner.

32 minutes: The second foul was made by Fundão.

32 mins: A ball by Mário Freitas hits Fernando Cardinal and still hits Quitta’s right post before he takes a corner kick.

32nd minute: Michelangelo’s yellow card.

32 minutes: The second foul was made by Sporting.

31 mins: Pany Varela’s shot from the front, but David Gomez controls a corner kick and blocks another goal from the green-and-white team.

29 minutes: Sports points! An excellent team play of the Lions, Pany Varela directs the ball to Esteban Guerrero, offering the Spanish Pauleta a goal in the golden tray. 5-1.

28 mins: Bebe’s excellent work on right winger Pany Varela, winger Beirão’s shot was deflected by Quitta’s crossbar.

27th minute: Pany Varela, leaning on the left line, tried his luck, but the ball went over the bar before the ball went out.

25 minutes: Bebé and Guita’s long-range shot denies Beiras a second with another emergency intervention.

24 minutes: The first foul by Fundão.

24 mins: Moist pass and Peleh hit Quitta’s left post.

23 minutes: Sports points! Alex Merlim and Fernando Cardinal’s air ball, on the far post, without throwing the ball to the ground, he made the score 4-1.

21 mins: Yuri Bahia scored from a corner kick by Guitta for an excellent defense.

21 mins: Nemin’s shot bounces off Pany Varela and hits Quitta’s right post.

21 minutes: The first foul made by Sporting.

The beginning of the second part!

The Lions come to the break with an interesting advantage of two goals, built by Nuno Diaz’s men on a quality first half, although it is far from the grandeur of other matches. Fundão has been doing this for the rest of his life, as can be seen from the goal he scored after the 0-2 defeat, but the feeling left over from the first 20 minutes is that Sporting is completely in control of operations, so it came a short time later. third goal, to get a comfortable pillow on the board.

Of course, nothing has been decided yet, but the Beyra logo needs to be improved in the second half to try to change the course of events and prevent Sporting from sealing its presence in today’s playoff final.

Break! Sporting 3 Fundão 1.

19 mins: Kutchy hits to save Guitta after a quick pass.

19 mins: Bebe’s long-range shot at Guita.

18 minutes: Fifth foul by Sporting.

17 mins: The counter-attack, led by Nem, was stopped by a well-placed shot from the Brazilian with Quittan’s excellent intervention.

17 minutes: The second foul was made by Fundão.

16 mins: Rui Moreira’s header for Guita’s careful defense.

15 mins: Iury Bahia on the edge of the box tries to take the first shot, but the ball goes over Quitta’s goal.

Fundão coach Nuno Couto demanded a technical break.

14 minutes: Pauleta’s shot from the right wing for Paulo Pereira’s careful defense.

13 minutes: Fourth foul was made by Sporting.

13 minutes: Sports points! Alex Merlim’s shot hit the post, but Esteban Guerrero returned the ball with his left foot to make it 3-1.

12 mins: Paulo Pereira strikes for Guitta in defense.

11 mins: A strong and well-placed shot by Alex Merlim, after escaping Nem, but Paulo Pereira intervenes brilliantly and denies the Lions a third goal.

9 minutes: The third foul was made by Sporting.

8 minutes: Fundão scores! Kutchy and Felipe Leite crossing in the center of the area, slope for 2-1.

7 minutes: The second foul was made by Sporting.

7th minute: Fernando Cardinal and Pauleta’s heel assists pass the ball very close to Paulo Pereira’s left post.

7 min: Paulo Pereira defends Pauleta’s shot.

The technical break was demanded by Sporting head coach Nuno Dias.

Fundao goalkeeper Luan Müller is injured. The Armenian national team is being helped off the field and it is questionable whether it will be able to recover in time to contribute to the team again in this match. Meanwhile, Paulo Pereira is now guarding the gates of Beyras.

6 minutes: The first foul made by Sporting.

6 minutes: Sports points! Erick Mendoncha and Fernando Cardinal’s free-kick made it 2-0.

6 minutes: First foul by Fundão.

6 mins: Baby’s shot, near the left post of Guitta’s door.

3 minutes: Diego Cavinato hits Luan Müller’s beautiful save.

1 minute: Sports points! Only 11 seconds later, a pass from Diego Cavinato and Iury Bahia in the center of the field, unfortunately, turned him into his own goal. 1-0.

The beginning of the match!

Fundão (first five): Luan Muller, Nem, Mario Freitas ÇDavid Gomes and Iury Bahia

Substitutes: Paulo Pereira, Tiago Couto, Wilson Cabral, Felipe Leite, Kutchy, Peleh, Bebe, Rui Moreira and Guilherme Duarte

Trainer: Nuno Couto

Sporting (starting five): Guitta, Erick Mendonça, João Matos ÇDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Substitutes: Gonzalo Portugal, Fernando Cardinal, Pauleta, Pany Varela, Caio Ruiz, Miguel Angelo and Esteban Guerrero

Trainer: Nuno Dias

Judges: Ruben Santos (AF Porto) and André Franco (AF Leiria)

There are already teams!

National coach Jorge Braz is in the João Rocha Pavilion to watch the Sporting-Fundao match live.

Nuno Dias left out Bernardo Paco, Tomas Paco, Ziki Te and Waltino in this afternoon’s game. Nuno Kouto cannot rely on Talles, who is injured and will not play again this season.

It should not be forgotten that this Fundão has already beaten Sporting this season: still in the regular season, played in the 4th round, beyrão coat of arms defeated the Lions 4-2. October 23, 2021. The story was different in the second round, in the match of the 17th round, played on March 5, 2022, Sporting won the best in Alvalade (6-3).

The Leone logo comes at the top of the draw after winning the first (6-4) game last Friday at the Fundão Municipal Pavilion, one of the most spectacular matches of the match. in Portuguese futsal throughout the season. As a result of this victory, Sporting can secure a ticket to the playoffs by defeating Fundao again today. But the beirões, as they demonstrated in yesterday’s game, promised to create more trouble again to rape the lions. see – If this happens, it will be played next Thursday (19:00).

Sporting will host Fundao this afternoon (15:00) in the second match of the semi-finals of the playoffs of the National Futsal Championship, which will take place at the Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon. BOLA will watch all the events of this duel online and thus will come from there, dear reader. We invite you to be a part of our team …

Good evening!


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