Universal Systems, Inc.  (OTC: UVSS) Alessandro hires

Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC: UVSS) Alessandro hires

SHERIDAN, WY, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Universal Systems, Inc./Digital Distro Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: UVSS) Proudly announces appointment of Alessandro Patti as Chief Technical Officer. Andrew Lane, CEO of Universal Systems, Inc. / Digital Distro, said: “We are excited about this appointment because Mr. Patty Webb 3 and a recognized world leader in the crypto / NFT industry. Mr. Patti has been involved in a wide range of blockchain projects and has brought unparalleled depth of experience and forward thinking. As we move forward to provide advice for Metaverse, Web3, and NFT projects, Mr. Pati will continue to be an integral leader in creating new revenue streams for the company.

Mr. Patti’s experience includes that of CTO and founder of AGP Solutions. Using state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art practice and outstanding communication skills, Alex has been repeatedly brought in to solve enterprise-class IT infrastructure challenges. Alex seamlessly bridges the gap between business and technology teams, enabling them to effectively translate technological transformations into business discourse. An overview of Alex’s clients includes Star Management Services (Leading the global IT startup as the company grows from 200 employees to 4,000+)Mauser Corporation USA, West Corporation / InterCall (Followed by multiple M & As, creating a smart supportable, scalable, resilient, global IT environment, now the company’s baseline), E&S Foods, AGT Intl., CIT, AIS Systems, ATS GROUP LTD, 4-D Security, 3i-Mind Inc., Custodia Group NL, MKTG, CoActive Marketing Group, Terra Tech Corp and Hillview Med. He has also held permanent IT leadership roles, founding, CEO, CTO, IT Director, Systems Administrator and Exchange Engineering roles between MKTG, Inc.; Citigroup, Microsoft Consulting Services, GE Consulting Group, PSYBlock and Chub Computer Services.

True to his craft, Mr. Patty sees technical pain points as potential opportunities. Acknowledging the presence of a major pain point in commercial data-mining buildouts in heat management, for example, Mr. Patty has effectively prototyped and quickly installed a revolutionary mining pod that simultaneously supports GPU and ASIC computational assets for energy-related heating solutions. The project was able to use all the heat output to get to nearby greenhouses through an advanced HVAC system. This revolutionary design has proven to be a stable and profitable mining operation, as well as saving thousands of dollars in greenhouse heating costs within the first year of installation. To date, Mr. Patti has consulted and worked closely with dozens of blockchain and data-mining operations to achieve similar best in class results; This fast maturing industry is bringing decades of best practice and innovative solutions.

The main feature

Basic skills include emerging technology – development and installation; | WEB3 / Blockchain / NFT Discovery and Business Development and Implementation | Tokenomics modeling and deployment | Cloud-based infrastructure; Data Center Team Leadership | System architecture; Vendor Management | Contract review; M & As | Integration after amalgamation; Career-grade and enterprise infrastructure; Cyber ​​Security | Network security Business Continuity | Disaster recovery; IT strategy planning and implementation; Virtualization | Telecommunications solutions; Risk Management | Control and consent; And hyper-convergence technologies.

Additional highlights of the company are:

Mr. Robert Munk, Executive Vice President of Critical Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: CSLI), added: “This is Universal Systems, Inc. And a major milestone for our core company, Critical All Shareholders. Solution, Inc. We are proud to receive Alessandro Patty Building shareholder value with Universal Systems. We believe that Web3, combined with its multi-media capabilities, will be able to provide unique and on-demand consulting services that ensure market profitability and sustainability through digitization and brand impact. “

Mr Lane said: “The short-term goal for the next six months at Universal Systems, Inc. / Digital Distro is to generate a profitable revenue stream, including advance consulting fees paid to the company for our Web3 Consulting, film and music production. Social brand influence. Each of these revenue streams has a basic common denominator of royalty streams Our focus is on building a library of assets that provide 15-20 years of royalties to our shareholders. ”

Mr. Andrew Lane, CEO of Universal Systems, Inc. / Digital Distro, concludes, “We would like to reiterate that there are no plans to reverse the division, and we are confident in the direction of the company.”

Universal Systems, Inc.

Universal Systems, Inc. / Digital Distro Solutions (OTC Pink: UVSS) is a subsidiary of Critical Solutions, Inc. Incoming Company’s focus is on Web3 consulting services, including the impact of social brands on multimedia production, distribution, film and music, working with Mr. Andrew Lane, CEO, Disney, as well as managing the collective talent of more than half a billion social followers. . The company is currently in talks for two upcoming feature productions, Musical Score, Soundtrack Development and Original Music Composition. The transfer agent verified that the share structure remained unchanged with 286,049,052 outstanding and 76,836,847 shares float. The company is being renamed Digital Distro Solutions.
Also note that the company has updated its Twitter address https://twitter.com/Digi_Distro.

About Critical Solutions, Inc.

Critical Solutions, Inc. Hall is a diversified holding company and Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (RWGI) and Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: UVSS) parent company. Critical Solutions, Inc. Emerging growth and profitable companies acquire and invest. To subscribe to company updates, please visit the company’s website http://CriticalSolutionsInc.com/.

Also note that the company has updated its Twitter address https://twitter.com/CSLI_Solutions.

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Universal Systems, Inc.
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