University Hospital Limerick rolls out €21m block

First ward to open next Monday at University Hospital Limerick new 60-bed block

A new €21 million 60-bed block has been rolled out at University Hospital Limerick.

The first of the block’s three inpatient wards are to open next Monday (November 23); the second ward on December 14 and the third on January 4.

Within the 60-bed block, there are three inpatient wards. Each ward comprises 20 ensuite single rooms.

Two of these are to provide full isolation facilities and care and treatment for patients from admission to discharge.

The 60 single rooms are intended to “improve patient comfort, safety, privacy and dignity, and assist with the management of infection control in the hospital.”

The total capital costs of the projected build had been €21m.

UL Hospitals Group was allocated funding to recruit approximately 500 additional staff to support new beds and other initiatives under the Winter Plan 2020-2021. While new staff had already joined, recruitment is to continue for the phased opening of the 60-bed block.

Between the 60-bed block and two separate rapid-build projects which had been delivered under the National Action Plan in Response to Covid-19, some 78 single rooms are to be added by the end of this year, according to Stephen Donnelly, the Minister for Health.

In the rapid build extension, haematology/oncology patients are to be treated in the 24-bed block, while the 14-bed block for medical patients was currently being used to isolate Covid-19 cases.

A further 20 beds are to be added early in January.

A planning permission application was submitted in August for another 96-bed ward.

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