Varandas: “Sports formation is a golden page in the history of the club and Portuguese football” – Sporting

Varandas: “Sports formation is a golden page in the history of the club and Portuguese football” – Sporting

The busy morning, sponsored by Sporting, marks the 20th anniversary of the Academy of Sports, and Frederico Varandas was honored to open the festivities. In his opening speech, the President of the Green and White Alvalade highlighted an important stage in the history of the coat of arms, noting the establishment of the Academy as a “pioneer” that opened the door to the development of youth football in Azerbaijan. Portugal. “Today marks an important milestone in Sporting’s history. Twenty years of cutting-edge design had to reinvent itself to keep up with the times. Training is one of Sporting’s pillars. It is and has been the flagship of Sporting’s formation. The centerpiece was created more than four decades ago, based on the strategy of St. Aurelio Pereira and 40 years of training. The best players the country knows. Noting Cristiano Ronaldo, who will officially give: This brings us to the top of training in Portugal. ” In addition, the leader of the Lions has repeatedly stressed the fact that Sporting has presented a leading project in Portuguese football, not forgetting the roots of the project. “It was when we were born that we moved to another level. The paradigm shift was due to the vision and work of José Roquette and Dias da Cunha. It was a far-sighted project copied years later and for the good of Portuguese football. “He trained at Sporting. The victories of the national team. We must always remember that clubs are responsible for the promotion of sports in today’s society. Unlike many countries, this sport is done by the state,” he said.

Two negative points

In his speech on the opening of the 20th anniversary of the Academy, Varandas recalled two significant moments in the history of the complex, including the attack on the Academy in 2018: “There were also some storms. The day known for the years of the Alcochete attack and the pandemic are two events that we can overcome and make us stronger, more capable and more competitive. This was a priority of the administration. Financial resources were invested. We have a new, reconstructed Academy. And we have created a Performance Unit that covers all levels of training. Repair of medical department and professional wing. Replacing all lawns and making the greatest investment in human resources in training, intelligence and health. , admitted.

Fruits visible today

Turning the needle from the past to the present, the president of Sporting analyzed the results and evolution of the Sports Academy and laid the foundations for the future with other positive results.

“The goal is to train players. To train and nurture players for team A. For those who are skeptical, the recent victories of the Under-17 and Under-15 championships and the young international players in national teams are the answer. The history of Portuguese club and football. coaches, directors, physical trainers, doctors, nurses, administrative, equipment technicians … Sport will thank all of you forever, “he said.

In addition, Frederico Varandas recalled the role of the structure in the last title won by the Lions. “The player-based work process led to ECA’s recognition and Sporting won the European Youth Club of the Year award in 2021. The latest achievement of the championship was also marked by the seal of the academy. The courage and skill of the coach and technical team.10- At Sporting, 8 are between the ages of 16 and 22. Education and training. In terms of character and values. And we have dedicated a lot to this field of training. To win, we must first train well, ”he concluded.


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