Web3.0 requires an operating system.  Totem has unveiled the Unified Dashboard to drive innovation

Web3.0 requires an operating system. Totem has unveiled the Unified Dashboard to drive innovation

Web3.0 requires an operating system.  Totem has unveiled the Unified Dashboard to drive innovation

As we move towards achieving a decentralized web space, a number of projects have emerged to embrace the new digital age. Such a project Totem OS. Totem OS, recently launched, is an operating system that hosts your Web 3 experience in a curated and trusted way with integrated tools.

Totem’s goal is to make the Web 3 environment a seamless experience for individuals when they come aboard. With a social network and community tool dashboard, the SoFi project is moving towards creating a space where everyone can collaborate, interact, share, mint and trade NFTs and access a variety of tools that enhance their experience in a decentralized social ecosystem.

With the launch of the OS, Totem recently released the XR beta launch on March 31st. Totem XR is a gamified environment where players go on missions and receive rewards for their achievements. According to the team behind Totem, XR Space promises to provide a complete gameplay experience with huge earning opportunities.

Creating an ecosystem for everyone to create and enjoy in the full experience of Web 3.0

“Web3” is a commonly pronounced word that resonates in the crypto world However, the repetition of the web is a complex, fragmented world that can overwhelm anyone trying to get on board, especially newcomers.

Totem OS has emerged to bring everyone together and to enable people to learn and adapt to the ever-changing world of blockchain. Using the opportunity presented by Blockchain, Totem seeks to integrate Web3 tools and communities into a single interconnected ecosystem where people can implement their innovative ideas and share experiences. This OS is about building a just and innovative society on Web3.0.

“Imagine a social and financial dashboard that feels more connected, brings you more abundance and is creating it with you, shows you how to get involved, how to build your tools. A place to make things, to flip things, to make things with your friends. “Totem makes this dream come true, thanks to the team behind the project.

Brands and artists will find Totem’s tools, support and resources useful as they embark on a journey to connect more seamlessly with their audience. Newcomers to Web 3.0 can use tools to discover how to build and sustain their lives, customize their totem profiles, discover NFTs and $ CTZN (utility tokens), mint and trade NFTs, and more.

Explore the XOiD axis and totem XR

The XOiD axis is the gateway to the metaverse, with features such as stacking missions, virtual terrain, collectible NFT, and a P2E gamified system. Axis is a community interface with a native marketplace, DAO and organizational tools for the community and offers as a community needs.

Participants discover their true purpose on this axis. In preparation for the exploration of Mecca, a strange planet in the Metaverse, players will embark on an extraction mission to discover the XOD molecule – a rare micro-substance on the planet. These molecules have special properties in Meka and allow XOiDs to pass through harsh environments. Players will be represented by XOiD avatars. According to the team, this is the initial stage of the journey.

As players explore, they earn and collect resources and Intel to prepare for the next stage of the game. Each mission rewards the player with unique diversity, planetary features and resources. Once completed, players earn $ CTZN and Meka Kubes, which increases their chances of excelling in the next round. Your chances of getting more $ CTZN and other game resources depend on how you maneuver your XOiD fleet.

Three XOiD stocks are required to participate in the first mission. The rarer the XOiD, the higher the $ CTZN and NFT rewards. This means you can share your NFT to generate passive income and grow your portfolio.

Seeing the possibility of it Totem And what they want to achieve in the Web 3.0 space, the project has received support from Polygon, Cocaine Labs, NGC Ventures, Gravity, AU21 and Shima Capital.


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