Web3 Online Review Marketplace has announced a partnership with Tested Web Silent Notary

Web3 Online Review Marketplace has announced a partnership with Tested Web Silent Notary

Web 3.0 Shares-to-Earn Online Review receives a 1,000,000 grant from Silent Notary, a leading blockchain-driven legitimacy for empowering the marketplace, tested web, customers and businesses with authentic online reviews and insights.

Austin, Texas – May 17, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

Tested Web, a Web3.0 online review and intelligence marketplace, today announced its partnership with Silent Notary, a blockchain-driven online validation and notarization provider. Through this partnership, Silent Notary will verify user-generated online reviews in addition to the L2 Solana-powered main protocol on the tested web platform. Tested Web became the first company to receive a $ 1,000,000 UBSN grant.

Founded in 2018, Silent Notary is a multiplatform blockchain solution that ensures the existence, integrity and attribution of important communications, processes and data for individuals and businesses. The solution verifies and protects user data without relying on third parties.

Commenting on the collaboration, Max Bruce, CEO of Dubai-based Silent Notary, said: We are excited to integrate the share-to-earn vision of the tested web team with Silent Notary’s advanced decentralized validation solution. Consumers and businesses around the world will have peace of mind and believe in what they read – driven by this partnership. We’re also excited to announce a $ 1,000,000 Native UBSN grant to use for verification of content on the tested web. “

Tested Web, based in Austin, was founded in 2021 when founder Yagub Rahimov began exploring ways to democratize the online review industry when a popular review platform unexpectedly deleted his original review.

Experienced web users will be empowered through individual blockchain content wallets, content ownership rights, smart-contract-driven community moderation, and a share-to-income system that rewards them for their contributions. The platform offers businesses real-time intelligence, insight, customer retention and lead production despite their marketing budgets.

Rahimov added: “We envision a transparent, real-world online review industry that is sorely lacking today. Our Web 3 approach has an empowered hybrid DAO marketplace where users own their reviews, vote for moderation and earn rewards based on their input. Decentralized legitimacy is an essential part of this approach. Unfortunately, none of today’s blockchain solutions are one-size-fits-all. While we’ve created most of our smart contracts, and acted as an L2 Solana protocol, we’ve found Silent Notary solutions to verify any content exceptionally quickly and economically. Even our initial activities require the ability to support 100,000+ blockchain validations per day, and through this partnership, we will be able to offer real-time and affordable assessments to our community with complete transparency. “

Visit www.TestedWeb.com to learn more and join the limited white list.

To learn more about Silent Notary go to www.SilentNotary.com and try out the app.


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Web3 Online Review Marketplace has announced a partnership with Tested Web Silent Notary

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