What does luxury fashion look like on Web 3.0?  Join us for webinars

What does luxury fashion look like on Web 3.0? Join us for webinars

Metavers and Web 3.0 are currently the two most talked about concepts, with brands from all sectors of the world moving into the virtual world to access new market opportunities, new ways of generating revenue, and accessing potential new customers. To better understand the growing ecosystem in virtual fashion, dive into these talking points with a three-day webinar event: ‘Fashion on Web 3.0: Creativity, Sustainability and Zen-Z,’ hosted by Chinese creative and commercial platform Bond, consulting firm Yeheheh, and Jing Daily.

Fashion in Web 3.0: Creativity, Durability and Zen-Z

In particular, a population that is showing strong signs of interest and interactivity with Web 3.0 is the digital native of Generation Z. But what does Zen-Z want from Metavers? And how are brands meeting this growing demand in tandem with the evolving development of emerging technologies? For these new avenues of interaction, brands need to re-strategize their roadmap and think outside the box, especially when it comes to digital fashion.

During the event, the Forum will host a panel of pioneers from all corners of the digital fashion world, such as Speaker AUROBOROS, IoDF, Wolford, DRESSX, Dragon City, Digital Village, and RTFKT Studios, each sharing insights on exploring fashion technology and metabarsis. Back in practice, strategy and inspiration.

The first day – creativity in digital fashion

To kick off the event, representatives of digital fashion platforms and leading metaversal players, Auroras and the Digital Fashion Institute, will join to practice and share their depth in creative practice in the virtual world. Panel with Paula Cello and Alyssa Aulbekova, founder of Auroboros; Shao Hao, Fosun AI Business Leader And Leanne Elliot-Young, co-founder and CEO of the Institute of Digital Fashion, will explore how virtual technology can empower fashion design, along with the tools it offers for designers looking for a more diverse approach to presenting unlimited creative work on the Web 3.0 Metaverse.

Day 2 – Stability in Web 3.0

Conversations about sustainability in fashion are not going anywhere. Now, with the development of Web 3.0 and the virtual trajectory of fashion, the global consensus must consider what role Metaverse can play during these challenges. The second day will explore how virtual fashion can reduce reliance on materials and textiles and work to create an eco-friendly eco-system, as well as how brands can take advantage of virtual technology and find more effective sustainable fashion solutions. Directed by Shaw Yeh, the founder of Yahya, it features Sylvia Azali, a keynote speaker at Wolford, an Austrian skinwear expert; Julian Rosilio, Head of Growth at fashion platform DRESSX and Roy Xu, founder of Dragon City, the largest Chinese community in the virtual world platform Decentland.

Day 3 – How to Attract Gen-Z via Web3.0

As digital natives, Gen-Z is becoming a new large group of customers, spending more time in the virtual world and hoping that brands will provide their immersive experience and personalized services. With that in mind, brands must incorporate strategies that aim to meet the needs of the population and connect with this younger generation of customers.

Dr. performed on the last day of the program Jing DailyAt Jemma. Williams will highlight the importance of integration and community among General-Z digital natives and how these can be implemented in the brand’s Web 3.0 plan. Speakers include Evelyn Mora, CEO and founder of the Meta-Universe Platform Digital Village; Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of RTFKT Studios and Giovanna Grazioci Casimiro, Metaverse Producer of the Decentland Foundation.

Please click here to register for the event, which runs from May 31st to June 2nd, 7pm-8pm CST.

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