What is roboverse and how does automation intend to improve people’s lives in a metaverse context?  – Computers

What is roboverse and how does automation intend to improve people’s lives in a metaverse context? – Computers

In a panel dedicated to automation, at the Teleperformance PXP event, robots were also discussed. When we talk about the metaverse, we think of humans interacting in virtual worlds, but the opposite is also considered: digital entities that interact with our world, robots. And what are Non-Player Characters, a term known in video games as NPCs? They are intelligent characters interacting with players, controlled by AI. This concept is used to explain the interaction of robots with humans.

But what is the robotverse? Stephen Loynd, one of the panel’s guests, points out that these are virtual entities that need to be physically present to interact with humans. In other words, robots that have already started doing human chores, from hotel or bar services to serving drinks. We are considered at the beginning of the journey and once again compared to NPCs, who in games do the work to serve the player., in real life it serves to help man. À Danny Kuivenhoven it’s a fracture between the metaverse and the real world and robots help connect the two worlds, physical and digital. Peter Lisbon he highlighted automation and algorithms, considering that robotics and roboverse are different terms as the metaverse also begins to command robots. Robotization is something preprogrammed. The extension of the AI ​​and the cloud, for a direct experience to customers and businesses is what is called roboverse..

In the virtual world you can experiment with things, use data models, build a game where players can solve problems as quickly as possible, and even network. But you can also train robots faster in the virtual world than in the real world. This is another roboverse theme.

It is possible to enter the virtual world where you can reaffirm the culture of business, with the help of robots. To the metaverse, the use of robots can help invigorate the cultural concept of companies to their employees, which I then adopt in real life. Everything converges, the AI, the machines, the people. You can form an AI for voice chat, then take the model and adopt another robot. Many people think of an avatar of a person when talking about the metaverse, but it could also be greeted by an AI character, a robot that is there to serve man..

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Businesses need to evaluate the interaction for their customers that adds value to them. The interaction of payment transactions should be as simple as possible, or there should be someone to help point the way for what they are looking for or give information about the products. Automation can add that value, with the highest possible quality but the lowest cost.. We are talking about an evolution of the type of chatbots on a more personalized and real level. Having quick answers is no longer enough. We need empathy, human behaviors, which are, in the end, the best “sellers” of products. Therefore, these NPCs, u true automation, which helps the user experience, becomes very important in the metaverse.

Convenience, context, and consumer experience are important elements that companies must offer to their customers. Automation, as humanly as possible, is necessary. Robots are said to “steal” jobs from people. But it is mentioned that the Automation will, above all, create new opportunities and jobs, such as programmers, coaches and other jobs that were not available until now..

Automation is currently being implemented well, but as a complement to man, not as a substitute. In car manufacturing, before everything was automated, but it has already started in Japan, in Toyota, the return of human works, in what is called “craftsmanship”, the touch made by hand by people of flesh and blood. The details and the finishing touch are unique when they are made by people. The machines help in the mission, but they still need people to command.

The use of robotization also means the collection of more data. How is this data controlled? For a robot to analyze a person’s state of mind, it has to collect its biometric data. So, legislation must always be respected, governance models to help in this field. Europe is a role model with its GDPR introduced a few years ago, says a panelist.

to name a few bad examples of Facebook, where users pay for their use with the delivery of their data. But there are other values ​​that can be obtained from automation that can be used for a better world, it is highlighted on the panel. Total translations between two people of different languages ​​in real time, connecting people is one of the examples of metaverse and automation data as examples of how to use it for good.

À creating a digital world that is the twin of the house, creating a robot in the virtual world with the ability to feed a pet, this can also be done in reality.. This is an example of how easy it is to adapt the virtual world to the real thing.

Gamification is a perfect match, as it adds gameplay mechanics to business processes, increasing workflow. So it is possible to link the two concepts, metaverse and roboverse to give more value to businesses through automation. By creating such twin digital spaces, it is possible to do all the necessary experiments without the consequences that will be recorded in the real world.

Still on the issue of robots stealing jobs, it is said that AI does not have the ability to replace humans in most cases. Support is one thing, exchange is always a “utopia”. On the other hand, he points out that there are many jobs that have vacancies that cannot be filled due to lack of manpower. These vacancies have to be filled in some way and robotics could be one of the possibilities. It may change the way you work, but it will open up new opportunities for everyone. Many people have even used the pandemic to assess themselves, many feel they don’t want to spend 40 hours a week working and want to spend more time with their family. And even though robots are smarter, they are far removed from human behavior.

Ethics was another point addressed in the field of automation. Instead of a big technology company capturing all the data, it is there needs to be a community that has access to them, but in a decentralized way. “Robots don’t cry” is an expression used to clarify that automation cannot replace humans. In the case of the customer experience, the ability to be able to serve an audit from children to the elderly, nothing can replace a human.

Many people are unaware of the amount of robots that are already around us. A smartphone, for example. The panel closed with this question in the air.

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