Will it be true?  YouTube announces Shorts is approaching TikTok in views

Will it be true? YouTube announces Shorts is approaching TikTok in views

Originality is the key to thriving for social media content, but it doesn’t seem to apply to social media. ○ YouTube just announced its “copy Tik Tokas many have said, YouTube Shorts, 1.5 billion monthly views.

YouTube shorts are a big hit
YouTube shorts are a huge hit (Image: CardMapr.nl on Unsplash)

short video market

The platform launched in 2020 when YouTube attempted to enter the same short-form video market as TikTok, with great success. Despite heavy criticism at the time, the company’s bet appeared to be paying off.

TikTok popularized this approach. With a different footprint than other social networks, the app dominates the market, with people of all ages posting the most types of content today.

We’re not sure if the numbers given by YouTube are true, but they only consider profiles logged into the platform.

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TikTok’s success isn’t just about the TikTok video platform Google, But other platforms have started investing heavily in the format. Even social networks targeting the professional market have come up with this format, A fish 30.

still on this issue, Instagram Announced earlier this year, it will focus on audiovisual content and its platform will not be limited to images.

YouTube Shorts are a huge success

If the numbers posted by YouTube are real (human logins), it means the short video platform is a success. Some experts even claim that the real number of monthly users must be much higher, because the records published on the platform have registration and login restrictions, forgetting anonymity.

Many believe that the social network’s success is partly due to the backing of the company itself, mainly because the creators of the world’s largest sharing platform have also started using Shorts frequently.

Another important fact to consider is that moving from YouTube to Shorts is just a click away, and YouTube itself has introduced the content to users from there.

Even so, the platform has been getting a lot of attention from the company.Last year’s incentives were $100 million Pay their creators up to ten thousand dollars Every month, depending on the popularity of the content created.

As with videos on the parent platform, compensation is calculated based on viewer engagement and location.

This is forcing YouTube users to rethink the way they produce content, as videos designed for YouTube are typically around 20 to 30 minutes long and don’t easily adapt to the new platform’s format.

is that you? What do you think of the success of YouTube Shorts? Leave your comment below!

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