Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) will get keyboard and mouse support for Xbox

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) will get keyboard and mouse support for Xbox

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), the game streaming feature included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is getting gaming keyboard and mouse support soon. The news was released for developers on Microsoft’s official game development channel on Tuesday (21st) by Morgan Brown, a software engineer for the Xbox series. For example, the update will allow subscribers to play Halo Infinite on a tablet without having to download and connect a mouse and keyboard. Currently, the service only supports joystick and touch. Brown didn’t specify when the feature will be released, but mentioned that compatibility with these accessories is something gamers have been asking for.

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Xbox cloud gaming will soon get keyboard and mouse support, but no date has been set — Photo: Reproduction/Microsoft

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Morgan Brown’s speech is precisely to encourage more game developers to make their games compatible with keyboard and mouse, giving PC gamers more choices. It is worth mentioning that such accessories have been compatible with the Xbox game console for several years. Microsoft’s plan to add this feature is to expand what’s already there and let more people play games the way they want without having to own a console. After all, Xbox cloud gaming works on PCs, phones, tablets, Xbox consoles, and Samsung TV models as of June 30, 2022.

xCloud is a game streaming feature included in Game Pass Ultimate tier. Subscribers simply use a browser and an Internet connection to access a catalog of more than 100 titles. Cloud gaming doesn’t require the use of an Xbox console, but it can also be used natively on one of these devices without issue. For those who have issues with video game storage, for example, the feature allows you to try games without installing them.

Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Fortnite, Forza Horizo​​​​n 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of​​ Thieves and other popular games, exclusive or not, can be enjoyed this way. Titles usually run without huge delays to images and controls.

Xbox cloud gaming, along with Fortnite and others, will allow you to play with a keyboard and mouse — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

To use, you must be a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber and have an internet speed of at least 10 Mb/s. A compatible controller, usually Bluetooth, or a device with a touchscreen is recommended. The games run on Microsoft’s CPU, which uses its most powerful console, the Xbox Series X, for graphics and technical quality. Microsoft recently announced that Samsung smart TVs will have access to Xbox cloud gaming through the official Xbox app. Compatible TV novelties will be available from June 30th.

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