Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra arrives in July with these top features

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra arrives in July with these top features

Chinese technology shows range Xiaomi 12 In December 2021, the same month it arrives in its domestic market. However, due to the necessary certifications and approvals, it will take several months for the three phones to arrive in Europe.

Now, in mid-2022, we present Xiaomi’s most ambitious Android smartphone Xiaomi Mi 12 Extreme. This will be the first phone with a partner Leicaproudly displays the red logo of the German brand.

Mi 12 Ultra smartphone will arrive in July 2022

Xiaomi Mi 12 Extreme
Digital representation of the Mi 12 Ultra smartphone.

It’s important to remember that in 2021, the current Mi 11 Ultra arrived in March last year. That said, as per Xiaomi’s release schedule, the successor has already been delayed. However, there is good reason to do so, namely the need to integrate and apply the new results and advancements brought about by the partnership with the legendary Leica.

The biggest selling point of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Extreme Commemorative Edition is naturally the camera experience. And, if previous generations of Ultra models shined in this regard, now they bring not only higher image quality, but also the prestige associated with Leica in the field of photography.

Mi 12 Ultra camera certified by Leica quality

Xiaomi Mi 12 Extreme
An image that suggests the Mi 12 Ultra was shared on Chinese social network Weibo.

There are three cameras on the back of the Mi 12 Ultra smartphone. The first is the wide angle, then the ultra wide angle, and finally the optical zoom (zoom in) camera with a lens with a periscope configuration.

In addition to the new Leica algorithm, we also found signs of the presence of OIS, optical image stabilization that optimizes not only photos but also videos. In fact, the smartphone will record at a maximum resolution of 8K and also supports live filters to enhance creativity.

But we’ll also get Leica’s contributions to the color science of these cameras, giving users natural color profiles, black and white, and other creative options. However, we don’t yet have details on the capabilities of the front-facing camera.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will be the SoC for the Mi 12 Ultra smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 12 Extreme
Digital representation of the Mi 12 Ultra smartphone.

Aside from the Leica camera, the first confirmation is the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ (Plus) Gen 1 processor. This is the latest processor from North American technology and certainly the most powerful SoC available for an Android smartphone.

There’s also a 6.73-inch AMOLED screen, made by Samsung, with a variable refresh rate of up to 165 Hz.also expect their profits or baffle Very small, in metal and glass and/or ceramic construction.

In addition, we have a battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh with (extra) fast charging at 100 W. In addition to dual speakers (stereo), the Android 12 operating system and MIUI 13 interface will also appear.

Xiaomi’s most ambitious smartphone yet

The manufacturer has revealed small clues about the smartphone, ensuring that the collaboration with Leica goes far beyond the logo on the smartphone. In the field of cooperation, Xiaomi mentioned optics (lens), images, image processing, user experience, etc.

Also based on the information at the time, Leica will send a team of engineers to Beijing to work side by side with the Xiaomi engineering team.In this way, they will be able to speed up the process of developing new features, in addition to quickly addressing potential bugs or mistake.

Finally, at the moment we don’t have an official release date for the Mi 12 Ultra, only an indication for July.

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