Xiaomi MIUI 13 on Android 12 arrives on Redmi Note 9

Xiaomi MIUI 13 on Android 12 arrives on Redmi Note 9

Finally, the update reached Redmi Note 9 users. Updating your smartphone’s operating system is important because it ensures you have the latest patches and security features.

Redmi Note 9 Chinese smartphone users have started receiving the latest Xiaomi MIUI 13 software update. Recently, the device has received worldwide attention due to the MIUI 13 update schedule. The final update arrives for Redmi users Note 9.

Updating your smartphone’s operating system is important because it ensures you have the latest security patches and features. Older versions of Android may not have the security level of newer versions, so it’s important to keep your phone as up-to-date as possible. Additionally, updates can often include new features or improvements to the user experience. So don’t forget to update your phone regularly to get the most out of it!

Xiaomi MIUI 13 on Android 12 arrives on Redmi Note 9 1

MIUI 13 update version for Redmi Note 9 is V13.0.1.0.SJOCNXM. The software has a huge capacity of 3.6GB. Therefore, users need to ensure that they have enough storage space on their device to perform the update.

If you’re running low on storage space on your smartphone, here are some tips to free up space:

– Delete unused applications and files. Scroll through your apps and delete apps you no longer use, and any music, videos, or photos you no longer need.

– clear cache. Android stores the app’s temporary data in the cache, which can take up a lot of space. You can clear the cache by going to settings and storage and cache data.

– Move files to the cloud. If you have files that you don’t need to access regularly, you can move them to the cloud to free up space on your phone. Services like Google Drive and Dropbox offer a lot of storage space at a low price.

So far, Redmi Note 9 users have been eagerly waiting, eager to try out the latest MIUI 13 firmware. The reason for the wait is that MIUI 13 brings many surprises and better stability to the phone.

For more details, you can consult the changelog below. We have chosen to keep the information in English so that nothing is lost in possible translations.

Redmi Note 9 Xiaomi MIUI 13 Update Changelog


  • Image Protection Watermark
  • Introduce comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanism
  • New Mi Sans system font for better readability
  • “Crystal” Live Wallpaper
  • Xiaomi AI is now fully customizable
  • Optimization: Improve overall stability

small parts:

  • Optimization: App Vault is now more responsive and has a smoother scrolling experience
  • App Vault widgets can now be rearranged


  • Adding a protective watermark as a pattern displayed on the entire image prevents unauthorized use.
  • Introduce comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanisms, including warnings, official labels and transaction shields.
  • Incognito mode restricts camera, microphone, and location permissions.
  • Secure typing protects all text you type.

More features and improvements:

  • Voice controls in accessibility mode are now better recognized.
  • Enhanced accessibility support for phone, clock, weather, and themes.
  • Privacy protection, safe web browsing and better feeds.
  • Mind map nodes are correspondingly more convenient and intuitive.
  • The wallet looks much better now.
  • Responsiveness to all systems and most popular third-party applications.
  • The home screen is now more fluid and responsive.


  • Update Android security patch to June 2022. Improved system security.
  • Stable MIUI based on Android 12
  • Ambient Sound Recognition in Mi Ditto


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