You can fill the plate!  7 low-calorie foods to eat a lot

You can fill the plate! 7 low-calorie foods to eat a lot

Most people think that you have to refrain from eating portions to lose weight. Many believe that it is best to close your mouth for faster weight loss. All of this is far from the truth, as weight loss is the result of high calorie burning combined with smart food choices and regular exercise.

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And, when it comes to losing weight, believe me, there are foods that are real allies, and which you are free to consume, because they have few calories. However, to achieve a better result, be sure to look for specialized diet monitoring.

7 weight loss foods

1 – Pineapple


Pineapple is the type of fruit that nourishes, nourishes and hydrates. It has an enzyme called bromelain that disperses fat molecules and improves protein absorption. Because it contains few calories, it ultimately benefits those who are in the weight loss phase.

2 – Melon


Another fruit that belongs to the group of foods that nourish and hydrate. Melon has about 95% of its liquid composition. It’s the kind of fruit you can eat at will because it has very few calories. It is an ideal fruit for the moments when you have just eaten, but it sends a message to the body that it wants more, that is, for those moments when it seems to you that the meal was not enough to satisfy hunger.

3 – Zucchini

Zucchini and carrot noodles

Zucchini has important vitamins for the body. It contains B-complex vitamins, including a study conducted by the Oregon State University Institute in the United States, which emphasizes the implication of active compounds in this food in reducing cancer-caused cell damage. When it comes to weight loss, zucchini are useful because they contain few calories and versatility in the preparation of various dishes.

4 – Cucumber


If you want to lose weight and want to maintain skin tone, in addition to keeping it hydrated, regular consumption of cucumber is undoubtedly an ally. In addition, cucumber is effective in the fight against fluid retention and contains very few calories, not to mention it provides greater satiety.

5 – Vegetables


You’ve probably heard that eating leafy vegetables is great for weight loss. And the truth of this fact is in the low calories and concentration of soluble fibers that help absorb fat by increasing satiety. Therefore, consuming lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, among other things, are alternatives that help to say goodbye to free radicals, in addition to controlling cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Therefore, these are foods that you can consume without fear of spoiling your diet.

6 – Eggplant


Eggplant is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It consists of about 96% water. It is a great food for those who want to lose weight, because it is a source of fiber and few calories. It helps improve digestion and gives you longer satiety. Another very popular benefit of eggplant is that it is rich in substances that lower cholesterol, but also strengthen the immune system.

7 – Egg


Despite the fact that food is involved in controversy, most health workers consider eggs to be “superfoods”. Because it contains about 85 calories and a variety of nutrients, this food promotes satiety, so it is a related food for weight loss. But in order not to extrapolate calories, it should be consumed in moderation.

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